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Our communities Inspire our progress.

As we all know, the foundations of public cloud computing are largely based on open source code. Open source software such as Linux, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, and so many more are the building blocks which accounts for the large majority of all deployments that sustain the web and the internet as we know it today. Open source software is present at every single layer of the modern stacks, from IaaS to Paas all the way up to SaaS. Open source permeates everything we do, as cloud professionals, but also as simple users.


Unfortunately, open source is often taken for granted, ignoring its formidable ability to distribute knowledge and access forward-looking innovation and technologies. It is also a powerful counterweight to closed-source or lock-in approaches that businesses put in place, as they do normally, but sometimes in extreme ways. In fact, the open source spirit extends to the multi-cloud approach which we support fully, maximizing independence and choice.


At Scaleway, we do not believe in lock-in approaches, we believe in accessible and distributed technology, we believe in open innovation towards positive societal impact. Yet we are also a business, so we strive to keep our customers happy and coming back for more. It is a subtle balance to achieve, as a corporate citizen, one that we can feel proud of, as both individual citizens of the world and as Scaleway collaborators.


We use open source, we contribute to open source, we are members of open source alliances, and we are now proud to be able to support selected open source projects as part of this program, projects that we identify with in particular.


We will typically reach out to projects that we believe in, but you may also appeal to us to see if there is a match. We can supply cloud computing expertise and resources, and help perpetuate the open source spirit and ecosystem.

Yann Lechelle,
CEO Scaleway

It’s more than just about code!

We want to invest in our communities and give them the tools to do what they love: build great open software and make a lasting impact! We are looking to select Open Source projects that we want to help grow and thrive.

You can apply to join the Scaleway Open Source Program:

If you are a non-profit entity (foundation, association, etc.), or a community project (open community governance)

You are also at the origin of an Open Source project, or involved in an Open Source project

No matter where in the world you are, all Open Source communities are welcome to apply!

What we’re looking for

Projects with large communities. We want our contribution to benefit as many people as possible

Projects that directly concern/impact/utilize infrastructure and/or cloud computing

Open source Program perks


program lead

A program lead & experts that you can count on throughout the one-year program.



Up to €2400 (net of tax) worth of cloud credits given in 12 monthly installments. They can be spent on any public cloud products

Visibility &


Your logo and project description on our website, featuring on our social networks, and potential to be featured in our use cases, testimonials, white papers, webinars, trade shows…

Access to a

global community

& exclusive content

You will have access to community events and be given access to exclusive content.

Scaleway is part of the open source Community

We are long time advocates with deep roots in open source. We’re proud of our 15 years of contribution and community collaboration and as part of our DNA, we want to support others that are committed to playing an active role in improving the open source ecosystem.

Contributing can be a force for good, because everyone benefits, enabling collaboration and pushing innovation forward.

As one of the earliest supporters of Node.js since we expanded our infrastructure sponsor program, Scaleway has become critical to our ARMv7 strategy. We perform testing and we also build our “armv7l” binaries available on using Scaleway. Rod Vagg Node.js, project technical infrastructure lead

Open source,
It’s better when
it’s shared!

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  • No lock-in
  • Flexibility and elasticity for your projects

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Scaleway Open source (OSS) Program?

The Scaleway Open Source Program is a time-limited (but renewable) cloud computing partnership program designed to support Open Source programs. Effortlessly power up your project with offerings thanks to our public cloud infrastructure combined with technical assistance, resources, advisory and advertising. Leverage our experts and channels to ensure a smooth takeoff.

How much does it cost to enter the program?

Absolutely nothing, the cloud credit is on us! As your needs grow and if you like us so much that your consumption exceeds the amount of your vouchers, the difference will be on you. That’s about it. Our cost-effectiveness should pretty quickly prove helpful, though.

How long does the Program last?

Any start-up on a mission to change the codes is welcome to join. If you also have a website, a structure, a roadmap, some funds and you share core values with us, your chances are quite high.

How can I get more information before joining?

Please contact us by email at and someone in our team will assist you.