It’s more than just about code!

The Scaleway Open Source Program is a time-limited (but renewable) cloud computing partnership program designed to support Open Source projects.

You can apply to join the Scaleway Open Source Program:

If you are a non-profit entity (foundation, association, etc.), or a community project (open community governance)

You are also at the origin of an Open Source project, or involved in an Open Source project

No matter where in the world you are, all Open Source communities are welcome to apply!

What we’re looking for

Projects with large communities

We want our contribution to benefit as many people as possible.

Specialised projects

Projects that directly concern/impact/utilize infrastructure and/or cloud computing

Open source Program perks

Visibility & awareness

Your logo and project description on our website, featuring on our social networks, and potential to be featured in our use cases, testimonials, white papers, webinars, trade shows…

Access to a global community & exclusive content

You will have access to community events and be given access to exclusive content.

Cloud resources

Up to €2400 (net of tax) worth of cloud credits given in 1 annual installment. They can be spent on any public cloud products

Our communities inspire our progress.

In Scaleway, we are long time advocates with deep roots in open source. We’re proud of our 15 years of contribution and community collaboration and as part of our DNA, we want to support others that are committed to playing an active role in improving the open source ecosystem. Contributing can be a force for good, because everyone benefits, enabling collaboration and pushing innovation forward.

We are now proud to be able to support selected open source projects as part of this program, projects that we identify with in particular.

We want to invest in our communities and give them the tools to do what they love: build great open software and make a lasting impact!

Arnaud de Bermingham, Founder & President of Scaleway

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