Academia Program

Realigning the planets

  • The goal of the Academia Program is to make our open and inclusive vision of the cloud a reality.
    To do that, we pledge to provide students with knowledge that is vendor-agnostic, that uses as much open source technology as possible with as many useful and transferable skills as possible to help broaden their career opportunities.
    This program also aims to improve the autonomy of students, and to help them develop the skills they need, on their own terms.

    In a few words: Realigning the planets.
    Remy & Melodie


About the Academia Program

Build hands-on technical skills with the Academia Cloud Unit

The Academia Program offers schools and teachers a complete, customized, cloud computing program to prepare students for industry-recognized cloud-related professions.

Our program helps educators stay at the forefront of cloud innovation to equip students with the skills they need to be hired in one of the fastest-growing industries.

We will focus on vendor-neutral technologies to ensure that students will be able to use their skills in any situation.

Academia Program perks

Dedicated program lead

A program lead & experts that you can count on throughout the one year program.

Cloud resources

Resources are given in 1 annual installment. You can spend them on any of the products in Scaleway’s public cloud ecosystem.

Validate your skills in real-life environments

Learn about cloud computing, data assets, and how to assess, develop, and validate technical skills with structured training plans.

Vendor-neutral technologies

We push the usage of vendor-neutral technologies such as Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Packer, etc

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  • Schools

    We believe that anything is possible, and we want to build strong relationships with the schools that are in our Academia Program. As a partner school, you will get to take part in exclusive events such as hackathons and classes, and can even receive cloud resources and early access to our job offers for your students. The Academia Program could also support research topics you might have. All our partnerships are tailor-made to suit your needs.

  • Teachers

    We offer classes designed and led by our experts to help you with your educational projects. We also provide advice and cloud resources compatible with Scaleway’s entire public cloud ecosystem.
    From network and data centers, to IoT or Kubernetes, we will be thrilled to share our use cases with you, or to even create customized courses or interviews that will benefit your students.

  • Junior Profiles

    Scaleway has a special recruitment and onboarding program for recent graduates: the Cloud Builder launchpad.

    Each junior Cloud Builder starts their adventure with us by joining a training center for four months. During this time, you will improve your skills via a program covering topics such as agility, the cloud, development practices and teamwork.

    After this training period, you will join the product teams depending on their needs, your preferences and your areas of expertise.

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