March 25, 2021


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More about the Breakathon

Scaleway celebrates the first anniversary of the release of the iconic container orchestrator, Kubernetes Kapsule, by launching an inventive and entertaining event concept: the Breakathon.

What is a Breakathon ?

This event will be based along the lines of a traditional hackathon – bringing together hundreds of participants in teams of five for a 9-hour marathon to work on technological challenges. We have made the event our own by using the creativity of participants to test the limits of the solution.

With the slogan “Are you boss level?” the message behind the event is clear – the Breakathon will challenge all the developers, users and partners in our international community. Hyper scalability, optimized response times and high availability will be in the spotlight via 4 major themes:


🧠 Artificial Intelligence

Level 1 – Unlocked Create an image classification system that can distinguish 28×28 pixel images of different handwritten digits. – 100 points

Level 2UnlockedTrain a model to help your judges choose their outfit depending on the season – 150 points

Level 3 UnlockedGenerate new handwritten digits – 200 points


📲 Software as a Service

Level 1 – UnlockedKubernetes brings benefits to Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment or Continuous Delivery methodology. Deploy a full CI/CD environment on Kubernetes Kapsule – 100 points

Level 2 UnlockedInstall and configure a CMS / ERP / CRM or another Entreprise Packaged Software in your Kubernetes Kapsule cluster, making it available through a Scaleway Load Balancer – 150 points

Level 3UnlockedDemonstrate microservice-based architecture and autoscaling as in an e-shop example. – 200 points 



🗝 Security and Architecture

Level 1 – UnlockedDemonstrate three different ways to access one or multiple HTTP services within K8s– 100 points

Level 2 – Unlocked – Build a secured Kubernetes environment (deploy a multi user app and secure access to all bricks) – 150 points 


🕹 Fun and Games 

Level 1 – UnlockedCreate a chat server and app to communicate with your teammates, mentors and judges – 100 points

Level 2 – Unlocked Deploy a multiplayer game server on your Kubernetes Kapsule cluster (the game of your choosing). –  150 points

Level 3UnlockedBuild an orchestra to play a real music on your Kubernetes Kapsule cluster (demonstration of orchestrator, pods, namespaces, etc…) – 200 points


⭐️ Get Creative – Open Category


Based on Scaleway’s community-centric development needs, participants will be able to put forward new topics for consideration for the event too. The Breakathon will offer participants an unprecedented opportunity to participate in building a meaningful ecosystem, while having fun.


13:00 CET – Kick-off

14:00 – 22:30 CET – Show us what you’re made of

14:00 CET – Why you should use NATS for your next Cloud native application with Qovery

15:00 CET – Manage your Kapsule clusters with Flux 2 and the GitOps methodology with alter way

16:00 CET – How to design a microservices architecture to exploit the benefits of serverless? with Paris Serverless Meetup

17:00 CET – Generating new images with GANs with Scaleway

18:00 CET – Special Security Meetup with CNCF Paris

22:30 CET – Time’s up

22:30 – 00:00 CET – Jury deliberation

00:00 CET – Prize ceremony

00:30 CET – End of the event

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Our Jury

Jérôme Petazzoni :Tinkerer Extraordinaire

Jérôme was part of the team that built, scaled, and operated the dotCloud PAAS, before it became Docker. He worked seven years at the famous container company, where he wore various hats and ran containers in production before it was cool.

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Emmanuelle Demompion :Kubernetes Product Manager

As K8s Product Manager at Scaleway, Emmanuelle manages K8s Kapsule evolution and lifecycle. Before moving into PM-ing in 2016, she was an R&D engineer on data-related business areas for 5 years.

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Nigel Poulton :Techoholic

Nigel is a tech-oholic with a passion for demystifying exciting technologies. He’s written several best-selling books and video training courses, and has helped well over 1 million people take their first steps with Docker and Kubernetes. When he’s not playing with technology, he likes cars, scifi, and spending time with his family. He loves to connect with people, and you can reach him at He’s also on most of the social media platforms at the @nigelpoulton handle.

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AJ Bowen :Operations Engineer - Computer choreographer

I come from humble beginnings of automating my own tech support job. A few years later, I worked on the team responsible for the Linux build infrastructure at Travis CI, running hundreds of thousands of CI jobs in the cloud. I took a break to build a Django site dedicated to digitizing hundreds of thousands of old postcards for genealogy research. These days, I’m building git-driven infrastructure and workflows for a startup doing AI on EEG data, so you could say I run servers FULL OF BRAINS. I <3 Docker, Terraform and bash the most.

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A dedicated environment will be deployed especially for the event. This environment will be as close as possible to our production environment but cannot completely reproduce our real production environment.

Who can participate?

Everybody is welcome and can apply to take part, even with a basic knowledge of Kubernetes. 

How much does it cost to take part?

Nothing! It’s free for spectators and participants.

What are the team informations?

Try to make a team of maximum 3-5 people. 

Challenges are open to everyone, developers or devOps.

A perfect team would include:

  • a participant who already has some knowledge of Kubernetes and has used it before
  • a developer with backend or frontend knowledge, comfortable using containerized applications (Docker and such)
  • a trickster who thinks out of the box and can quickly create original small projects 

But this list is not written in stone, your dream team can be composed of the people of your choice!

Popular Use Cases with Kubernetes Kapsule

100 % Standard, Kubernetes Certified

With a state-of-the-art integration, Kubernetes Kapsule respects the CNCF standards to bring security, stability and robustness. This guarantee allows multicloud and hybrid design for your platform.

Highly Available Applications

Avoid any drop in performance by adding as many nodes as necessary. Increase your cluster capacity in a few clicks from the Scaleway console or configure automatic scaling using our API. It is now easy to automatically scale your cluster as your business grows.

Ease Your Deployments

Integrate Kubernetes, with Gitlab to manage your deployment pipeline. Container images can be created automatically at each push, and sent to our private registry or any other container registry, and deployed on Kubernetes. All the different environments from development, pre-prod, and production can be deployed automatically.

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