Scaleway Certifications

Introducing Scaleway Foundations

The Scaleway Foundations certification course provides you with the essential knowledge to effectively use the Scaleway ecosystem. Through this course, you will gain a deeper understanding of Scaleway products and features, and learn how to create a strong foundation for your Cloud infrastructure with Scaleway. Over the course of three days you will follow classes about each Scaleway product, challenge your knowledge with interactive exercises, and have our instructors at your disposal to answer any questions you may have. At the end of the course you will go through a certification test to consolidate what you have learned and obtain the certificate that will unlock new development opportunities.

Learn about the infrastructure and services provided by Scaleway

Validate your knowledge of Cloud concepts

Whether it is your first time navigating the Cloud or you have already begun your journey, this certification will take you one step further.

Collaborate with technical experts

Our instructors will accompany you every step of the way, and are available to discuss and answer any questions you may have.

Discover the full potential of Scaleway core products

From Instances to Serverless, we walk you through all Scaleway products and their features in detail to ensure you have all the blocks you need to build your Scaleway infrastructure.

Certification Schedule

Day 1

On the first day of training, we go over Cloud concepts, we present Scaleway the company, and an overview of the Scaleway infrastructure. We show you the Scaleway console, take a deeper look at Scaleway accounts, Organizations and Identity and Access Management and introduce you to Scaleway’s Compute offers.

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Frequently asked questions

This certification is recommended to anyone who is interested in the Cloud.

This certification is recommended to learners who are comfortable with a terminal and Linux command lines.
Familiarity with Kubernetes and knowledge of networks (CIDR, routing, OSI model) are a plus.

The training and the certification happen over the course of 3 days.

Immediately after you pass the final evaluation and conclude the training.

Yes! Please send us an email to tell us more about your certification project.