Plesk Obsidian

Intuitive management platform for web agencies and developers

Plesk Obsidian is the latest version of Plesk. It manages new website deployment including WordPress, website delegation with advanced access rights, mail management, and DNS. Access technical sever details without being an expert!

Manage multiple websites simply with Plesk’s clean interface

Management interface for web agencies and resellers

Discover the Plesk offers available on your Dedibox server

Name# of domainsAccount ManagementReseller ManagementPrice

Plesk Obsidian - Admin Edition on Linux


10 domains




Plesk Obsidian - Pro Edition on Linux


30 domains


Plesk Obsidian - Host Edition on Linux






Installing Plesk on your Dedibox

The answer in 3 steps

Order a server

Choose the Dedibox server that fits your needs and we deliver in just a few minutes.

Log on your server

Access your Dedibox server from the console

Install Plesk

Install Plesk Obsidian from the list of Panel distributions and that’s it!

The advantages of Plesk Obsidian distribution

Domain management

Plesk licenses are based on the number of managed domains (number of websites) and a reseller option.  Manage up to 30 domains with the Pro Edition. For an unlimited number of domains, choose Host Edition with reseller option included.

Website management

Plesk UX interface allows you to create a website easily (web server, database and options). You can manage several websites from the Website Builder tool, WordPress or Drupal applications or directly with your code.

Customizable environment

Plesk allows you to create offers (service plan) to market your own website to your customers. It’s also possible to customize the management interface with themes that match your company’s brand.

Application catalogue

Choose from a catalog of applications and services to customize your interface and optimize your website management with Plesk Obsidian.


With more than 100 extensions, Plesk’s library offers you all the tools you need, from security to development and toolboxes such as WordPress or Joomla. Find the complete list on the official Plesk website.

Account Management

Individual account creation, login/password and access rights management are available with Plesk. Access can be granted by group and allow access to applications manually or directly from a client subscription.

Subscription management

Subscription management creates a subscription, with a defined pool of resources and services associated with a service plan to give users role-defined access. Example: Quotas on disk space or bandwidth.

Linux Debian 9

At Scaleway Dedibox, we use Debian 9 to host Plesk Obsidian and provide a production environment for web agencies and developers.

Dedibox Server

A Dedibox server is the gold-standard for dedicated server production environments. Hosted in France or the Netherlands, you can create your solution based on Plesk and Scaleway Dedibox.

Dedibackup solution

Plesk runs on a dedicated server which, depending on the configuration, provides a level of production resilience (RAID, dual power, CPU …). Your Dedibox server is delivered with 100GB Dedibackup storage space and optionally expandable to backup all your data.

Our most popular Plesk Obsidian configurations

Pro Range
  • x1 Intel® Xeon® D-1531 CPU - 6C/12T - 2.2 GHz

  • 32 GB DDR4 ECC

  • 2 x 500 GB

  • 500 Mbps

€77.99ex. VAT/month
Setup fees: €77.99ex. VAT
Pro Range
  • x1 Intel® Xeon E3 1240v6 CPU - 4C/8T - 3.7 GHz

  • 64 GB DDR4 ECC

  • 3 x 1 TB

  • 500 Mbps

€122.99ex. VAT/month
Setup fees: €122.99ex. VAT
Core Range
  • x2 Intel® Xeon Silver 4114 CPU - 10C/20T - 2.2 GHz

  • 128 GB DDR4 ECC

  • 2 x 1 TB

  • 1 Gbps

€382.99ex. VAT/month
Setup fees: €382.99ex. VAT
Core Range
  • x1 AMD EPYC 7401P CPU - 24C/48T - 2 GHz

  • 256 GB DDR4 ECC

  • 3 x 1 TB

  • 1 Gbps

€392.99ex. VAT/month
Setup fees: €392.99ex. VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Plesk?

Plesk is a software that manages websites of several companies in a simplified and professional environment. Plesk is installed on a centralized, dedicated server and allows you to manage access to different websites and manage them remotely through a web interface.

Why choose Plesk?

If you don’t have the technical knowledge to manage a server and want an easy solution to handle several websites then Plesk is for you. If you are a web agency or have similar requirements, Plesk is the perfect solution.

Which server should I choose to host Plesk?

We recommend that you choose a Dedibox server from Pro or Core range to host Plesk. Size and visitor traffic of your hosted websites will define the exact configuration of your dedicated server.

How do I order a Plesk Obsidian license?

You don’t have to manage license keys. The license will be associated to your Dedibox server’s IP address.
The order in 3 steps :
1/ Order a Dedibox server in a few minutes
2/ Connect to the Dedibox console
3/ Install in 1 click Plesk solution from the button “Install” > “Distribution Panel”.

How to backup data?

On Plesk console, you can configure Plesk backup (configuration and/or content) from the “Tools & Settings” > “Backup Manager” menu. You can set up the destination of your backups: local or FTP and type: Incremental or Full.

What is the difference between Plesk and CPanel?

Plesk is a solution similar to CPanel which offers over 10 years a complete product for web agencies and developers. More details about the differences between Plesk and CPanel on the official website.

Can I delegate access to different clients/users?

Plesk solution is designed for web agencies with multiple customers who want a simplified management portal. It is therefore possible to delegate access to all or part of the interface to several colleagues or users.

What is the default language of Plesk Obsidian?

The Plesk solution is installed by default in English and it is possible to change language from management interface at no extra cost. If you need to provide 2 languages in parallel, you have to use a paid option.