VMware vSphere Hypervisor ESXi

VMware Virtualization on Dedibox

VMware vSphere is the market leading virtualization system for virtualized enterprise infrastructures. It is composed of two main software building blocks: the ESXi hypervisor and the vCenter Server to manage multiple hypervisors. The ESXi hypervisor in standalone mode is free of charge on a dedicated server. VMware’s advanced options, such as VMotion, HA or Distributed Switch, are available under license. The latest version ESXi 7.0U1 is available in 1 click for free for all your dedicated Dedibox servers.

Introduction to VMware vSphere

Installing VMware Vsphere ESXi on your Dedibox

The answer in 3 steps

Order a server

Choose the dedicated server that fits your needs in  Dedibox catalog and get it in a few minutes.

Log on your console

Access your Dedibox server from the console console.online.net.

Install VMware on your server

Automated installation of VMware vSphere is available in Virtualization Distribution list and is one-click installation from version 6.0.0U1 to 7.0U1.

Principle of virtualization

Virtualization allows several virtual machines to run on the same dedicated server in an isolated environment. There are many advantages such as optimization of dedicated server resources, isolation of virtual machines and high availability for production environments. Virtual machines have their own operating system. It is possible to run VMs (Virtual Machine) with Windows, Ubuntu and Debian for example on the same physical server. This allows system and/or application virtualization.

The architecture diagram on the left represents a dedicated server ( named host) with an operating system “VMware hypervisor ESXi” and 6 virtual machines.

Advanced tutorials for your private infrastructure

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install VMware on my dedicated server?

First you need to order a server from our list of dedicated servers compatible with VMware in your preferred version. Then you will be able to choose the version of VMware vSphere to install it in 1 click from our console.

What are the differences between versions 6.5, 6.7 and 7?

In paid versions, there are many new features with the latest versions including VMware Tanzu for Kubernetes. See the comparison between the 3 versions. Note that we propose an automated installation of the 3 versions.

How many virtual machines can I install on VMware?

Here are VMware’s technical specifications:

  • Number of virtual machines: unlimited
  • Number of cores per physical CPU: unlimited
  • Number of physical CPUs per host: unlimited
  • Number of logical CPUs per host: 480
  • Maximum number of vCPUs per virtual machine: 8

Can I use my licenses on my dedicated server?

It is possible to set up your licenses. Depending on the terms of your license, you will be able to enter your license keys from your vSphere client. See the presentation video

Do I need dedicated servers with hardware RAID?

There are no requirements from VMware to support VMware ESXi infrastructures based on dedicated servers with software RAID. Note the exception of vSAN storage infrastructures which requires Hardware RAID to be supported by VMware.