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C14 Archiving

C14, the world's most reliable archiving system

The most reliable, robust and secure archiving platform. C14 is an easy-to-use data archiving and backup solution that provides long-term storage for all your content.

Why choose our C14 archiving solutions?

  • Simple Archiving
  • SLA
  • API Rest
  • Certified Datacenters
  • Atomic Shelter
  • Premium Network
  • DDOS Protection

Our Classic C14 Offers

C14 Classic
  • Infrequent access

  • 99.999999999% SLA

  • Free Upload/Download

  • Incoming operation €0.010 ex. VAT/GB

€0.002 ex. VAT/GB/month
C14 Classic
  • Frequent access

  • 99.999999999% SLA

  • Free Upload/Download

  • Free Operations

€0.005 ex. VAT/GB/month
C14 Classic
  • Infrequent access

  • 99.99999999972% SLA

  • Free Upload/Download

  • Incoming operation 0.025€ ex. VAT/GB

€0.004 ex. VAT/GB/month

New C14 Cold Storage instantly archive your data from your Object Storage!

The world's first alternative to S3 Glacier!

Legal Archives
C14 Cold Storage allows you to archive documents that you are required by law to keep, yet access to them should be restricted. These can be contracts, accounting data, administrative documents or logs. Some of these documents must be kept to comply with the GDPR or specific national regulations.
Large logs and backups
You can automatically archive in Cold Storage C14 your logs and backups stored on Object Storage with the S3 lifecycle management functions. This allows you to keep them at minimal cost and retrieve them when needed. You can also define an expiration date on which your archived data will be deleted.
Multi-media files in UHD
C14 Cold Storage is perfect for storing large media files that do not require instant access. These can be 4K or 8K ultra high definition sequences or raw image datasets. You can integrate C14 Cold Storage into your infrastructure so that files can be restored on demand to Object Storage. They can then be easily downloaded.

Pricing of C14 archiving


Service Level

Storage per GB /motnh



Incoming Operation **

Outgoing Operation

C14 Classic


Low frequency access

€0.002 ex. VAT



€0.010 ex. VAT per GB


C14 Classic


Low frenquency access

€0.005 ex. VAT





C14 Classic


Low frequency Access

€0,004 ex. VAT



0.025 € ex. VAT per GB


C14 Cold Storage



Object Storage

75 GB Free

then €0.002€ ex. VAT/GB





*Free upload and download from Object Storage / **Inbound operation : Price per operation

Advantages of the C14 Classic Archiving System

Incredibly Simple

C14 Classic archiving is an efficient solution that does not require advanced technical skills!
Based on industrial standards, C14 provides a simple interface that does not use a complex object storage service.
Use our control panel or go through the API to archive your data in no time! Create an electronic vault and upload up to 40 TB of archives using FTP, SFTP, Rsync or SCP.

High-end Service

Designed for long-term data archiving and backup, C14 Classic allows large amounts of data to be stored and restored with just a few clicks.
Archive all types of files: videos, backups, disaster recovery plans, documents, logs and more.
C14 classic offers the lowest TCO on the market. You only pay for each GB of storage you use, with a minimum of 1 GB and for archiving / de-archiving operations. No hidden costs the pricing is predictable. Bandwidth and transfer are completely free.

Your Data are Safe for Decades

Your data are encrypted using the AES-256, replicated several times and stored in DC4, our anti-atomic databunker located 25 meters underground in the heart of Paris. With no known natural, technological or military dangers, this is the ideal place to host your most sensitive data. Intensive and Standard service levels are also available in our DC2 Datacenter.

Development Tools

C14 Classic provides the tools your team needs to manage your storage and archiving environment. Manage your archives in seconds with a simple and intuitive API. The CLI is the essential tool to operate your vaults and archives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Differences Between C14 Cold Storage and C14 Classic?

First what’s common. The two services of the C14 are hosted in the same extra-secure datacenter – DC4: a databunker located 25 meters underground in Paris.

Then, the main differences:

  • Price: The C14 Cold Storage is more affordable than the C14 classic and offers 75GB of free storage space every month.
  • Protocols: The C14 Cold Storage is 100% S3 compliant, while the C14 Classic uses legacy FTP protocols.
  • Encryption: C14 Cold Storage does not (yet) support encryption.
  • Restoration: C14 Cold Storage allows you to restore a single file in a few clicks from the Scaleway console or using the API, whereas with C14 Classic, the whole archive has to be restored, even if you only need one file from it.


What Additional Services Does C14 Classic Offer?

  • API: An API for developers is available to fully automate the archiving of your IT platforms on C14.
  • Large volumes: A technical and commercial team is available for large projects. Contact our technical support for more information.
  • Tape import : We offer with the “Enterprise” level a data import service from computer tapes (DLT IV to SDLT II format, or LTO1 to LTO10 format) or PATA, SATA or SAS hard disks. The service is invoiced at 10€ ex. VAT per imported media.
  • C14 Direct Connect: To ensure maximum reliability and bandwidth, you can connect your own private connection or fiber optic cable to C14 from the many Iliad-datacenters in France and the Netherlands. The service is free of charge.
  • C14 stream mode: Using a special API, we accept archiving in C14 in stream mode in the “TAR Stream” format without the use of intermediate temporary space.


What is C14?

C14 is a unique, highly secure, long-term archiving service designed by our electronics laboratory.

The TCO of our solution is far more economical than any entry-level HDD on the market or tape storage, with a much higher level of security and reliability.

How Reliable is the C14 Classic Solution?

The “Standard” and “Intensive” service levels guarantee a SLA of 99.999999999%.

The “Enterprise” level offers a SLA of 99.9999999999972%.

Want to recover your data? Your vault is returned intact, including file metadata.

Which Type and Volume of Data Can I Store?

You can store an unlimited amount of data with C14 Classic!

We support an unlimited number of archives. The capacity of each archive can be up to 4 billion files and 40 TB.

How are my Datas stored in C14 Classic?

Each vault is encrypted, replicated and distributed to a minimum of 10 to 44 independent devices. Our storage algorithm allows corrupted or lost data to be regenerated.

How Does the C14 Classic Vault Work?

We provide a free temporary space, where you can store your files to be archived.

This space is accessible via Rsync, FTP, SFTP, SCP for 7 days and supports up to 40 TB of storage.

After 7 days (customizable to 5 or 2 days) or once your datas has been copied into your archive, the datas are stored permanently using C14 Classic.

The data are restored in the same way, the archive is restored with the initial datas. We keep all the attributes and permissions of your files (rights, uid, gid, mtime, ctime, atime…).

What are the Specifications for Each Service Level of C14 Classic?


  • SLA: 99.999999999%
  • Location: DC2, DC4
  • Certifications : APSAD

Standard (infrequent access)

  • SLA: 99.999999999%
  • Location: DC2, DC4
  • Certifications : APSAD

Enterprise (infrequent access)

  • SLA: 99.99999999972%
  • Location: DC4
  • Certifications : APSAD

What is the Security Level of C14 Classic?

The datas in your vault are encrypted by default with the AES-256-CBC algorithm.

You are the only one with the symmetrical encryption key, our staff has no access to your data.

What is an operation?

An operation is an action between your archive and C14 Classic: Archive, Unarchive, Destroy or Checkout.

The operations are invoiced according to the volume of data to be processed, at the price of €0.01 ex. vat / GB. Incoming and outgoing bandwidth from your archive is free.

There is no operation fee for the “Intensive” service level.

How Long Does Each Operation on C14 Classic Take?

An archiving operation on the C14 Classic is carried out depending on the platform size and the amount of data to be archived. This operation is variable and can take several days.

A de-archiving operation has priority, in 2 hours on average, with a restitution speed of 650Mb / second.