Additional Disk Drive

The solution to customize local storage of your Dedibox server

Increase local disk storage capacity by adding local disks to your server. Get additional local storage capacity with high performance and low cost.

All internal and external drive models

TypeCapacityPricing (installation fees)

Internal Disk NVMe Datacenter

960 GB

€249,99 excl. VAT

Internal Disk NVMe Datacenter

1.92 TB

€349,99 excl. VAT

Internal Disk SATA3

4 TB

€199,99 excl. VAT

Internal Disk SATA3

6 TB

€249,99 excl. VAT

Internal Disk SSD

480 GB

€149.99 excl. VAT

Internal Disk SSD

960 GB

€199.99 excl. VAT

External Disk USB

160 GB

€19,99 excl. VAT

External Disk USB

500 GB

€39,99 excl. VAT

External Disk USB

1 TB

€69,99 excl. VAT

Option available only on compatible servers, and within the limits of available stocks. To take advantage of this option, you must have the Business service level. We will charge you a setup fee but there will be no recurring amount afterwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to order additional disks?

1/ Find your customizable server among all dedicated server models.
2/ When you order, add the required disks according to available slots on your server.
3/ Wait for the intervention of our Datacenter technician.
If you already have your server, you can order by going directly to the console.

Are all server models customizable?

No, all Dedibox server models are not customizable, and this option is currently only available for our servers located in France. You can find customization options in your console in the “Customize” tab of your server.

Why add several disks in a dedicated server?

Additional internal disks provide additional storage space, performance and resilience to failures. Depending on your server model, you will be able to define either soft or hardware RAID configuration.

What are the recurring costs of additional disks?

None. We only charge you setup fees.

Why offer USB external drives?

Storage on a USB external hard disk drive can respond to some emergency or data transfer cases. We can add a USB disk on a server and then move it to another following a request per ticket.

Are there other storage solutions compatible with my Dedibox ?

Yes, we offer 2 remote storage offers: RPN-SAN and Dedibackup for backups via FTP. Object Storage is also a highly available, high-performance and S3-compatible solution.