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Join the Scaleway Developer Program and join a unique ecosystem and connect with the Scaleway core team and developer program members. Be the first to get early access to Scaleway new hardware and features. Reach thousand of users by publishing applications images on the ImageHub.

  SERVER ID   IMAGE               CREATED   STATUS   PORTS          NAME
  a677db10     Ubuntu             4 days    running  test01
  c65c342e     GitLab             3 months  running  scw-642e26
  f209a3e5     Ubuntu             4 months  running  scw-408906
  2e23a415     WordPress          6 months  running  scw-402301

Your Cloud Environment in a Terminal

Manage your infrastructure like Docker containers and automate it through scripts.

SCW is inspired from the Docker CLI, if you are familiar with it, you will recognize that many commands are similar. For instance, scw attach attaches to the serial console of a running server, scw ps lists your servers and scw rm removes one or more servers. The main difference is that instead of operating on containers, you operate on SSD Cloud Servers. The essential tool to operate in a cloud environment!

SCW Builder

Develop and distribute your application on the ImageHub.

To simplify your life, we created SCW Builder. It is composed of a set of tools based on the Docker ecosystem to build SSD Cloud Servers images. The process to build Scaleway images is quite similar to Docker image building: write a Dockerfile, customize and build your cloud image from the Dockerfile.

1  FROM scaleway/ubuntu:lastest
4  # Prepare rootfs for image-builder.
5  # This script prevent aptitude to run services when installed
6  RUN /usr/local/sbin/builder-enter
8   # Your app
10 # Install packages
11 RUN apt-get -q update && \
12  apt-get -y -qq upgrade && \
13  apt-get install -y -qq cowsay
15 # Add local files from the patches directory
16 COPY ./patches/ /
18 # End
20 # Clean rootfs from image-builder.
21 # Revert the builder-enter script
22 RUN /usr/local/sbin/builder-leave

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