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Smart Labeling Concepts

Admin credentials

The login credentials (email, username and password) of the Admin account for the annotation server. The Admin user has access to all the data within the labeling workspace and all the functionalities of the annotation server. The Admin can also set permissions for other users of the annotation server.


An Annotator is any user who has an account on the annotation server, other than the Admin.

Annotation server

A public server, connected to the Object Storage buckets associated with the labeling workspace, that is running annotation software. It can be used to annotate image and video files in the buckets.

Labeling workspace

A labeling workspace is a Smart Labeling resource that is associated with one or more datasets, and a single annotation server.

Object Storage (bucket)

Object Storage allows you to store different types of objects (documents, images, videos, etc.) and to distribute them instantly, anywhere in the world. Objects are stored in buckets. A bucket can contain as many objects as you want.