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Access the annotation server

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How to access the annotation server

Reviewed on 09 May 2022Published on 05 November 2021
  1. Click Smart Labeling in the AI section of the side menu. The list of your workspaces displays.

  2. Click on the workspace you want to access. The workspace overview displays.

  3. Click Go to my annotation server in the workspace overview:

    The CVAT login screen displays.


    Alternatively you can use the Annotation server URL to access the server. You can find it in the workspace information block. This URL will take you (or the annotator) to the CVAT annotation interface.

  4. Enter the credentials for the admin user of the Smart Labeling workspace and click Login. The CVAT dashboard displays:

  5. Create tasks to annotate datasets of your choice with image-level tags, as well as points, bounding boxes, polygons, and 3D boxes and assign them to your users.

    Users can log in to the CVAT interface to start annotating images in their tasks.


Annotators can create users who can also log in to the annotation server directly from this interface.

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