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How to join a Scaleway Organization

Reviewed on 08 June 2021Published on 12 March 2020

All user accounts are Organizations. When you create a Scaleway Elements account, you are the Owner of your Organization. If you are invited to a pre-existing Organization, you will simultaneously be the Owner of your own Organization and whatever role defined by the Owner or Administrator who sent you the invitation.

When invited to join an Organization, you receive an invitation e-mail.

  1. Click Accept Invitation from your invitation e-mail. The Scaleway console opens in a browser window. A pop-up displays introducing you to the Organization.

  2. Click Next to proceed. The Organization dashboard displays.

    Optionally, you can activate your personal Organization:

  3. Click the Organization name in the Organization menu.


    The Organization name is identical to the account Owner. If the account was created without the Owner’s name, it will be the prefix of the e-mail used to create the account. For example, if the e-mail used is myemail@example.com, the Organization name will be myemail. In this case, the Organization name can be set to the account owners name, but only once.

    A message displays asking you to Check your e-mail.

  4. Check your e-mail and click Verify

  5. Click I Agree to the Terms of Service and Scaleway’s Data Protection Agreement to confirm.

The Scaleway console opens in the browser. Follow [these steps] to complete your registration.

How to retrieve your Organization ID

Our system attributes an organization ID to each user. The Organization ID can be found on the Organization Account page under Organization Information.


To retrieve your Organization ID via the API, follow this procedure.

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