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How to manage Scaleway Organization Members

Published on 08 June 2021

A list of the members that belong or have been invited to an Organization is available in the Members tab of the Organization page.

Owners and Administrators can add members and check information such as the date of their last login and whether their two-factor authentication is activated, but only the Owner can delete or change the role of a member.


How to invite Members

Users can be added to Organizations through the Scaleway console in two ways:

  1. Option 1: On the Organization Account page, click + Add user:

    Option 2: On the Members tab, click «Plus Icon».

    In both cases a pop-up requesting the emails and roles of new users displays.

  2. Enter the email addresses of the users you wish to invite.


    If you invite more than one user make sure the corresponding email addresses are separated by a line break.

  3. Select a role for the user(s) in the drop down menu and click Add User(s) to confirm.

An invitation will automatically be sent to the listed email addresses.

How to manage Member invitations

Owners and Administrators can manage invitations sent to members on the Members tab.

  1. Click «See more Icon» > Send invitation again next to the Member name on the Member list.
  2. Click the Send Invitation button to send a new invitation to the selected user.

You can also cancel an invitation before it is accepted by clicking «See more Icon» > Cancel Invitation.

How to edit Member Roles


Only the Owner of an Organization can edit Member Roles.

  1. Click «See more Icon» > Edit Role next to the Member name on the Member list.
  2. Choose a role in the dropdown menu.
  3. Click Edit Role to confirm.

    The sole member whose role cannot be edited is the Owner. Consequently, the ownership of an Organization cannot be transferred to another member.

How to delete a Member


Only the Owner of an Organization can delete Members.

  1. Click «See more Icon» > Delete next to the Member name on the Member list. A pop-up appears.

  2. Click Delete again to remove the Member from the Organization.

  3. Click Delete User to confirm.

    The user will disappear from the members list.

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