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How to accept an outsourcing request

Published on 12 March 2020

If you have a Scaleway Dedibox account, another Dedibox user can give you access to their Dedibox dedicated servers and failover IPs by outsourcing them to you. Outsourcing allows you to manage the outsourced services without full access to another user’s Dedibox account.


Once the other user sends you an outsourcing request, you receive a notification to accept the incoming request.

  1. Click the link in the outsourcing request email to open the Scaleway Dedibox console.

    The Outsourcing section of the Scaleway Dedibox console displays.

  2. Check the Accept box for the service(s) you agree to have outsourced to you.

  3. Click Save changes to validate your choice.

The services are now outsourced and available in your console.

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