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How to upload and use an SSH key

Published on 12 March 2020

SSH keys are an alternative way to authenticate identity on computer systems and are more secure than passwords. Each SSH key consists of a private and a public part and can be generated on your computer. The public part can be uploaded to the Scaleway Dedibox console and transferred to your dedicated server during installation for passwordless authentication purposes.

  1. Click your identifier in the top right corner of the console to open the pop-up menu. Then click SSH keys in the menu.

    A page listing all your existing SSH keys displays (if you do not have any SSH keys, the listing will be empty).

  2. Click Add SSH key to display the SSH key form.

  3. Enter a description of your choice (e.g. your computer’s name), then enter the public key in the form.

  4. Click Add SSH key to upload the public key to your Scaleway Dedibox account.

    You can now select your key during the installation of your Dedibox and use it to authenticate on your server.


If you upload another key or change it, you need to replace it manually on your Dedibox. Keys are only transferred from the console to your server during installation.

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