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General links

  • Slack Community
  • Service Status
  • Scaleway Ideas
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  • Technical Assistance


🧩  This component uses a Tag style.

Code example

<HelpBanner href="" />

Log (Changelog)

🧩  This functionality uses MDX files.

See Changelog page.

Each “Log” is an MDX file:

  • Go to the changelog/ folder
  • Add or choose a directory relative to the log you want to add
  • Create a .mdx file in it


  • Organize the changelog/ folder structure as you want
  • The .mdx filename does not matter
  • Assets should be in an asset directory, sibling of your .mdx file

Log file frontmatter

At the top of the .mdx file, you MUST add the frontmatter data:

title: Migration to the new S3 backend (HIVE) for all regions
status: changed
fullname: 'Join the #container-registry channel on Slack.'
url: ''
date: 2022-01-02
category: compute
product: container-registry
  • title (mandatory)
  • status (mandatory)
    • added
    • security
    • changed
    • deprecated
    • removed
    • fixed
  • author
    • fullname (optional / mandatory IF url is set). It could be a name or a sentence, as you prefer.
    • url (optional)
  • date (mandatory) YYYY-MM-DD
  • category (mandatory) kebab-case
  • product (mandatory) kebab-case

Log file contents

The content section works as any documentation .mdx file. It accepts both markdown and components. Be concise !

About Download link in content

  • Use [Download](document-pdf-name.pdf) the document as PDF file.
  • Place the PDF file in a sibling assets directory
    • This is useful to automatically get the filesize data
  • Then, it should appear like this (with PDF icon):
    • 📄 Download (PDF, 2.26MB) the document as PDF file.

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