End of Sales Instance Types

End of Sale Instance Types

With the launch of the General Purpose Instances and Development Instances, previous legacy instances can no longer be created from the Scaleway console. However, existing ones are still fully supported by our teams.

These instances include:

  • VC1 instances
  • START1 instances
  • Workload Intensive (X64-x) instances

If you currently run one or several of these instances, they can be migrated to our latest hypervisor generation, for free, from your management console.

A migration to our new cloud platform is required for these instances. Legacy instance naming will be removed from the CLI and all API calls.

Ensure to update all scripts and tools such as Ansible or Packer to avoid any issue when creating new instances.

BareMetal instances and Arm instances are not impacted by this migration.

Important: If you do not migrate your instance yourself, bear in mind that the migration will be done automatically in the coming weeks and your instance will be rebooted which will cause temporary service unavailability. You will be notified beforehand.


Migrating Your Instance to a New Hypervisor

1 . Log yourself into your management console and enter the Instances section by clicking on the link on the menu on the left.

2 . On the servers overview page click on the next to the running instance to migrate.

3 . Click Power off in the menu. Once the pop-up displays, confirm the archiving:

Scaleway console

Important: Powering off may take some time, depending on the size of your volumes. It is recommended to power off your instance during periods of low load on your application.

4 . Click Power On. Once the pop-up displays, confirm the restart:

Scaleway console

From Scaleway CLI, you can launch scw stop <instancename> followed by scw start <instancename>.

The instance name remains the same and the instance keeps all is technical specifications, but starts on our improved compute platform to provide higher stability and features like replicated local storage.

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