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Discover DNS.

What is the DNS feature?

It is a domain name management service that allows you to avoid browsing the internet only by IP. The DNS (Domain Name System) service provides human management of addressable resources on the Internet. It is possible to create zones and records to manage a sub-domain (ex: test.mondomain.fr) or specific configurations such as the MX of your mailbox.

Is it possible to automate the management of DNS service records?

Yes, the DNS service can be automated with the API. It is possible to use the API in a CI/CD environment to create test environments, for example.

Learn more on the Scaleway API Documentation page.

Is the DNS service IPv6 compatible?

Yes, the DNS service allows IPv6 addressing.

What are Scaleway DNS nameservers?

Scaleways DNS servers are :

  • ns0.dom.scw.cloud
  • ns1.dom.scw.cloud