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Enterprise Instances

Let us address the most common questions you have about Enterprise Instances.

What are Enterprise Instances?

Scaleway’s Enterprise Instances are our high-range Instances offer. They rely on the AMD EPYC™ 7003 Processor.

Enterprise Instances have Dedicated resources without “noisy neighbors”.

This new range of Instances is the most powerful range of Instances to ever be offered by Scaleway, from 8 vCPU and 32 GB of RAM (ENT1-S) to 96 vCPU & 384GB of RAM (ENT1-2XL) for the most demanding workloads.

Enterprises Instances will be compatible with our ecosystem: from our Free and Fully-Managed Kubernetes Control Plane to our VPC features such as Private Networks, Public Gateway, and our up-coming VPC Direct Connect.

Where are my Enterprise Instances located?

Enterprise Instances are located in Paris (France). More Regions will soon be available: Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Warsaw (Poland).

Which Linux distributions are available for Enterprise Instances?

We provide a wide range of different Linux distributions and InstantApps for Instances. Enterprise Instances will work with a selection of most-acclaimed images:

  • Ubuntu Focal
  • Ubuntu Bionic
  • Ubuntu Xenial
  • Debian Buster
  • Debian Stretch
  • CentOS 8
  • Fedora 32

What are the benefits to expect from Dedicated Resources?

Dedicated Resources offer a more stable experience for Compute-Demanding workloads. Their benefits include:

  • No “noisy neighbors”
  • No “burst effects”
  • Optimization for demanding and specific needs

What makes FR-PAR-2 a sustainable Region?

FR-PAR-2 is our second innovative and sustainable availability zone (AZ) in Paris.

The eco-AZ FR-PAR-2 is our carbon neutral & environmentally efficient region. FR-PAR-2 is 100% powered by renewable (hydraulic) energy and also has an energy footprint 30-40% lower than that of a traditional data center, thanks to the fact that it does not require air conditioning.

Learn more about our environmental commitment.