new object storage classes
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New Object Storage Classes

What are the Object Storage classes offered by Scaleway?

Scaleway offers three storage classes:

  • Standard (Multi-AZ): your data is secured by distributing it across three different Availability Zones (AZ). In the event of a complete datacenter failure in an AZ, we are still able to rebuild your data and make it accessible. This is the system we call Multi-AZ (one datacenter per AZ, three AZs per region). The Standard class is available in all regions.

  • One Zone - Infrequent Access: your data is stored across three different racks in a single Availability Zone (AZ). This storage class is best suited for secondary backups and recreatable data. The One Zone - IA class is available in all regions.

  • Glacier: your data is archived and must be restored before being used. The Glacier storage class is only available in fr-par and nl-ams regions. Refer to our Cold storage FAQ for more information.

What happens when Multi-AZ is launched in a region?

When Multi-AZ is launched in a region, all existing objects are converted to the One Zone - IA class, which is equivalent to the old Standard class.

New objects created after the Multi-AZ launch can have the Standard (Multi-AZ), One Zone - IA, or the Glacier class assigned.

Will these new storage classes affect how I use my buckets?

No, any objects you upload into your buckets are added as Standard class objects by default, just as before. If you want to transfer your objects to One Zone - IA or Glacier you can do so manually or set up lifecycle rules.

I do not want to use the new Standard (Multi-AZ) class. Can I still use the old class?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the old Standard class. You must use the One Zone - IA class, which has the same behavior as the old Standard class.

Can I create a lifecycle rule to restore objects from Glacier class to One Zone - IA?

No, because restoring an object can only be done from Glacier to Standard class. Transition lifecycle rules can only be configured in the “top-down” direction.

This means that you can transfer objects from Standard class to One Zone - IA and Glacier, but not from the last two to Standard. You can transfer objects from One Zone - IA to Glacier, but not restore objects from Glacier to One Zone - IA. The same applies when you make server-side copies.

Do the new storage classes impact Scaleway Glacier?

No, the rules for using Glacier class remain the same and your data is still hosted in DC4. Refer to our Cold storage FAQ for more information on Scaleway Glacier.

Can I migrate my existing data to the new Multi-AZ Standard class?

Yes, you simply need to edit the storage class of your objects.

I have a general question about Object Storage. Where can I find further answers?

You can find answers to your questions about the Object Storage service in our Object Storage FAQ.