How to setup your personal online editor with the Etherpad InstantApps

How to setup your personal Etherpad

This tutorial shows you how to spawn an Etherpad application with a few clicks.


Etherpad is a highly customizable Open Source online editor providing collaborative editing in really real-time.

Deploying Etherpad

Before starting, click the “Create a Server” button in the control panel.

Control Panel

You will land on the server-creation page where you can choose the Etherpad image in the InstantApps tab for your Cloud Instance:

Control Panel

Choose the server type and click on the Create a Server button. This action starts your server with Etherpad pre-installed.

Using Etherpad

When your server is running, you can see the server’s IP address in the server list on the control panel. To access your Etherpad, go to http://YOUR_SERVERS_IP:9001/ (for example: Enter this address in your favorite browser and you will land on the Etherpad start page:

Etherpad start

Enter the desired name for your new file and press Enter. You will be redirected to the Etherpad editor:

Etherpad editor

You can edit the file as you like and share it with others by passing the link to your file: http://YOUR_SERVER_IP:9001/p/YOUR_FILE(for example:

Your file will be automatically saved and is stored in your personal cloud instance.

If you have any suggestion or question about this tutorial, please leave a comment in our Slack Community.

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