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How to activate IAM

Published on 22 November 2022

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a free feature that allows you to share access to the management of your Scaleway resources and Organization settings, in a controlled and secure manner. Read more about IAM on our IAM overview page.

  • If you created your Scaleway account before 5 December 2022, you need to manually activate IAM. While this is currently optional to give users time to transition to IAM, be aware that eventually IAM will be activated automatically for all accounts.
  • If you created your Scaleway account after 5 December 2022, IAM is already automatically activated and you do not need to follow the steps below.
  1. Click the Identity and Access Management button on the top right of your Organization dashboard.

    The following screen displays:

  2. Click Discover to start the activation process.

  3. Read the information displayed, and type MIGRATE in the box.

  4. Click Activate IAM to finish.

IAM is activated in your account. All existing configuration and functionality is automatically migrated into IAM for you, from the configuration of members and roles, to API keys.


Any pending invitations to your Organization are cancelled during the migration process. You can invite these users again if they still need to join your Organization.

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