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Migrating from the IoT API v1

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Migrating from Scaleway IoT Hub API v1


To ensure that consumers of the v1beta1 API version have enough time to migrate, this version will remain online until 31 August 2021 23:59 UTC.

Here is a list of changes introduced by v1 of the IoT Hub API. Do not expect any major changes, this release is dedicated to cleaning up and improving the API to prepare for new features.

  • Scaleway Projects: This API version fully supports the new Project system. This means that from now on, IoT Hubs do not belong to an Organization but to a Project. To create an IoT Hub in a project, the Project ID must be passed in the project_id field.

    Note: The ID of the default project is the same as the Organization ID

  • Cleanup: As Hubs are the main resource, and routes, devices and networks are attached to a Hub, Organization/Project IDs are no longer returned for resources that are not Hubs.
  • Metrics format: The metrics format has slightly changed.
  • Device creation: The returned device certificate and key are now embedded in a JSON object named certificate. See below for a detailed explanation.
  • Device names: The device names are now unique (inside a hub) and read only. If you need to add a description to a device, you can do so via the newly-added field description.

Metrics format change

The v1beta1 metrics endpoints would follow this format:

{    "metrics": [        {            "name": "<metric name>",            "values": [                {                    "time": "<timestamp>",                    "value": 1                }            ]        }    ]}

To have a consistent experience across Scaleway elements products, a common metrics format has been adopted. The changes are:

  • "values" were renamed to "points".
  • "time" has been renamed to "timestamp".
  • "points"’s "value" is now a float number instead of an integer.
{    "metrics": [        {            "name": "<metric name>",            "points": [                {                    "timestamp": "<timestamp>",                    "value": 2.0                }            ]        }    ]}

Device creation

When creating a device, the v1beta1 used to return the device certificate and key at the root of the response object:

{    "device_id": "<device id>",    "crt": "<cert>",    "key": "<key>"}

To have a consistent experience with device certificates, the certificates are now embedded in a certificate object.

{    "device_id": "<device id>",    "certificate": {        "crt": "<cert>",        "key": "<key>"    }}

The certificate object will be removed from the response if the Hub is using a custom Certificate Authority, as we do not possess the keys of such a CA.