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How to create an IoT Kickstart

Reviewed on 20 June 2022Published on 30 August 2019

An IoT Kickstart is a Scaleway instance providing an application for a typical IoT use case.

Scaleway will spawn, install and configure the instance for you with the required software so messages flowing through your IoT Hub end up in the application.

  1. Click IoT Hub in the IoT Station section of the side menu. The list of your IoT Hubs displays.

  2. Click Kickstarts. Then click Create a Kickstart to display the Kickstart creation wizard.

  3. Configure your IoT Kickstart:

    • Select the Kickstart purpose.
    • Choose the Hub to connect to.
    • Choose the device to connect to. If you have not yet added a device to your Hub please follow these instructions.

    The device should allow insecure connections. This is because we don’t keep the device certificates we provide you when devices are created, so we can’t provide the device certificate to the Kickstart to establish a secure, TLS mutually authenticated, connexion to your Hub. Devices not allowing insecure connections won’t be listed here.

    • Choose a region and name for the Scaleway instance we will spawn for you.
    • Choose a password for the Kickstart application dashboard

    The user name for all IoT Kickstarts is admin.

  4. Click Create a Kickstart to launch the Kickstart creation.


The Kickstart creation may take a while. You will know the Kickstart is up and running when the Dashboard link (on the Kickstart list page) will open the application dashboard. Use the credentials provided previously.

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