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How to add a device to IoT Hub

Reviewed on 02 June 2021Published on 01 September 2019

A device is a representation of a device or program that is connected to the cloud. Through a Hub, it exchanges messages with other devices and cloud services.

Devices use the MQTT protocol to send and receive messages. MQTT over Websocket is also supported through a dedicated network.

  1. Click IoT Hub in the IoT Station section of the side menu. The list of your IoT Hubs displays.

  2. Click the name of the IoT Hub that contains the device to delete. The hub’s overview page displays.

  3. Select the Devices tab. The list of your devices displays.

  4. Click «See more Icon» next to te device you want to delete, then click Delete in the pop-up menu.

  5. Confirm the deletion of the device by clicking Delete this device.


The device won’t be able to connect once deleted. If the device is still connected to the Hub, it will be disconnected.

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