Scaleway Elements IoT Device

Scaleway Elements IoT Device


A Device is a representation of a device or program that is connected to the cloud. Through a Hub, it exchanges messages with other Devices and cloud services.

Devices and their Hub use the MQTT protocol to send and receive messages.

The Hub provides per-device usage metrics, see this page for more information.

Identification and Security

Each Device has a unique identifier that is used both for API calls and for MQTT connections (as the MQTT Client Identifier). Since the protocol doesn’t support multiple clients having the same identifier, it is necessary that each client is mapped to a different Device with a unique ID.

The Device ID therefore provides a very crude way of authenticating a device, which should not be considered secure. To establish a secure connection, a Device must connect using TLS with mutual authentication.

It is possible to restrict a Device and forbid it to connect insecurely using the “Allow/Deny Insecure” feature.

For an in-depth discussion see Security.

How to create a Device

Once you have created a Hub, you can add a Device to it.

  1. Click Add Devices in the Devices tab of your Hub.

  2. Enter a name for your Device.

  3. Choose a security setting for your Device.

  4. Click Add a Device to your Hub.

  5. The credentials of the Device are displayed. You must keep them safe for later as we do not store them ourselves.

  6. Click Close or Add a new Device.

How to delete a Device

On the Device details page, click Delete Device.

It is also possible to delete multiple Devices at once by selecting them in the Device list.

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