Scaleway Elements IoT Hub limitations

IoT Hub product limitations

Product plans

The table below shows the quota limits during beta.

 Shared planDedicated planHA plan
Maximum number of Hubs per account222
Maximum number of Devices per Hub200200200
Maximum number of Routes per Hub555

MQTT connections

We listed below the current limitations of the mqtt connections per ip address during beta.

Maximum number of concurrent connections100
Maximum number of new connections20/s
Maximum quantity of data transferred to the server100kB/s

This applies on all MQTT transports: mqtt, mqtts and web sockets (ws and wss). Connections above the limit will be refused.

Hub reserved memory

The total memory reserved per Hub to store the retained, inflight and will messages currently is 160MiB.

Note: Only Dedicated and HA Hubs can be used to send retained messages. Please see the Shared Hub documentation for more information.

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