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SQS/SNS Overview

Reviewed on 04 January 2023Published on 04 January 2023

What is SQS/SNS?

SQS and SNS are both managed messaging services developed by AWS and supported by Scaleway Messaging and Queuing. Although they are two separate services, they are often discussed simultaneously since they are frequently coupled to work together. A Scaleway Messaging and Queuing SSQS/SNS namespace supports both services simultaneously.


SNS (Simple Notification Service) was released in 2010. It enables users to interconnect their applications and systems using a publish/subscribe pattern. Many publishers can send messages to topics, while consumers, e.g. applications, can subscribe to topics to receive all (or a subset) of messages sent to this topic. Scaleway Messaging and Queuing makes it easy to migrate your SNS-connected applications by providing a dedicated protocol gateway.


Some SNS features are not yet available with Scaleway Messaging and Queuing. Supported subscribers are currently limited to:

Refer to the developers documentation for more information.


SQS (Simple Queue Service) became generally available in 2006. It is a highly scalable queuing service that facilitates the decoupling of software systems. Scaleway Messaging and Queuing provides a gateway that enables you to connect your existing applications without having to significantly modify your code baseline.


Some SQS features are not yet supported. Refer to our dedicated documentation page for more information.

SQS/SNS Namespaces

You can create an SQS/SNS namespace in a few clicks from the Scaleway console by following our how-to. Alternatively, you can also create your SQS/SNS namespace using the Scaleway API.

SQS/SNS Credentials

Once you’ve created your namespace, the next step is to create credentials that give your applications permission to connect to the Scaleway Messaging and Queuing service.

Credentials are scoped to the namespace (the bearer of the credentials can access this Messaging and Queuing namespace only). You can choose to give each set of credentials the required level of permissions within the namespace:

  • Read: receive messages from queues and topics.
  • Write: send messages to queues and publish in topics.
  • Manage: create or edit resources (such as queues and topics).

SQS/SNS Queues

You can create queues in a namespace via the Scaleway console. You can choose to create either a Standard or FIFO queue, and tweak parameters such as visibility timeout, message retention period, maximum message size and content based deduplication.

Further actions

All further actions including creating, listing and managing queues and topics, sending messages etc. can be done using the AWS CLI or AWS SDKs. Check out our documentation to help you get started with the AWS CLI or AWS SDKs.

SQS/SNS Resources

The following resources may be helpful: