Configuring a Database with Wordpress and Online ODS

Online ODS Overview

Online ODS provides a fully managed runtime environment for your databases on completely SSD-based platform. With this platform, you get incredibly fast performances and just have to focus on your apps while we ensure your databases are always up & running. ODS supports multiple databases (MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL and mongoDB) and lets you customize advanced settings and the versions you want to use. You can always scale-up your database with a few clicks, as your infrastructure grows.

In this tutorial you will learn how to use Online ODS with the Scaleway WordPress InstantApp.


Creating your Online ODS instance

1 . Log into the Online Management Console. Once you have ordered your ODS instance, it will appear as waiting in your account:

Waiting Order

Note: It is normal that your instance appears as awaiting delivery, as it is not yet setup. You can start using it once it appears on your console welcome page.

2 . Click on Storage, then ODS in the menu on top of the page to enter the database administration.

3 . Click on Create to launch the creation of your Online ODS instance:

Waiting Order

4 . Enter the name for your new Online ODS instance and choose the desired database application. For this tutorial, use MariaDB 10.2. Click on Create to launch the creation of your instance.

5 . Once the instance is created, click on Manage to enter the database configuration.

6 . Create a new database that will be used for Wordpress, by clicking on Create Database.

7 . Enter the name of the database (wordpress for this tutorial) and confirm the form.

New Database

8 . Click on Users in the database overview, then Create User. Enter the desired user name (wpuser for this tutorial), twice the users password and confirm.

9 . Set the users permissions to Read & Write for the database:

New Database

10 . As the instances communicate via the public network, enable the Firewall on your ODS instance by clicking on the corresponding link. Click on Public, then enable the Firewall by sliding the button to the right. Enter the public IP address of your Scaleway Compute instance to limit the connection to your infrastructure. This step should be done once you have the public IP of your instance visible in your account.

New Database

Configuring the WordPress InstantApp

1 . Log into your Scaleway Management Console and deploy a new Wordpress instance.

2 . Log into the server via SSH.

3 . Open the file /var/www/wp-config.php with a text editor:

nano  /var/www/wp-config.php

4 . Edit the database section of the configuration file and put the credentials of your ODS database into the file, as shown in the following example:

New Database

Important: Your ODS instance uses a customized port for the SQL connection. It is required that you specify the port of your instance with a double-point after the IP address of the SQL server IP. For example, if the IP of your server is and the port is 7888, enter: in the server field.

6 . Save the file and exit nano by pressing CTRL+X, then confirm to save the file by pressing on Y.

7 . Open your web browser and type the IP of your Scaleway instance. The Wordpress Setup appears:

WP Setup

8 . Complete the setup and connect yourself to Wordpress. You have now linked your application to a managed high performance database and you can start to provide content for your blog without worrying about the database linked to it.

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