Switching the destination host of a flexible IP


If you have migrated your data from one Bare Metal Cloud Server to another, you can move the flexible IP of the machine to the new server to keep your services available with the same IP address.

Flexible IP addresses are additional IP addresses, available for Bare Metal Cloud Servers. They allow you to move an IP from one server to another without changing your whole configuration. Flexible IPs can also be used as additional IP addresses to create virtual machines on your Bare Metal Cloud Server.

Note: This documentation concerns Flexible IPs for Bare Metal Cloud Servers. Flexible IPs for Virtual Instances have different functionalities and are not managed in the same way: please see the relevant documentation.


Moving a Flexible IP to a New Destination

Note: This tutorial assumes that you have already configured a flexible IP on one of your servers.

1 . Connect to your Scaleway console

2 . Click on Bare Metal in the side-menu to enter the Bare Metal Cloud servers section of the console.

3 . The list of your Bare Metal Cloud servers displays:

Server list

4 . Click on the Flexible IPs tab to view the flexible IP configuration.

5 . Configure your services and the flexible IP on the new server to make sure your services remain available without interruption.

6 . Drag and drop the flexible IP from your old server to the new one:


Click on Validate to update the flexible IP configuration. The green dot starts blinking in blue colour, indicating that the flexible IP destination is being updated.

7 . Once the configuration has been updated, the blinking dot changes back to green. The flexible IP is being routed now to the new server.

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