Running web analytics with Plausible on Ubuntu LinuxLearn more
Configuring Sentry error trackingLearn more
Create a serverless scraping architecture, with Scaleway Messaging and Queuing SQS, Serverless Functions, and Managed Database.
  • terraform
  • scraping-architecture
Creating an OpenWrt image for Scaleway Instances
  • openwrt
  • qcow2
Creating models in your Django application
  • Django-application
  • API
Creating a VMware vSphere cluster on Dedibox servers with RPN-SAN
  • vSpehre
  • ESXi
  • vmware
  • dedibox
Create and deploy a WordPress staging website on Scaleway Web Hosting
  • webhosting
  • cpanel
  • wordpress
Setting up a load balanced WordPress
  • WordPress
  • Load-Balancer
Setting up GitLab on Scaleway Instances with a Managed Database for PostgreSQL
  • GitLab
  • PostgreSQL-database
  • -
  • instances
  • -
  • postgresql-and-mysql
Deploying virtual machines with Hyper-V on Scaleway Dedibox
  • hyper-v
  • dedibox
  • virtual-machine
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