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How to setup your online shop with the PrestaShop InstantApps

Reviewed on 18 January 2022Published on 04 June 2018
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Setting up an Online Shop with the PrestaShop InstantApp - Overview

This tutorial shows you how to create your own PrestaShop online shop with a few clicks.


PrestaShop is a free, open source e-commerce solution. The software is published under the Open Software License. It is written in the PHP programming language with support for the MySQL database management system.

Deploying PrestaShop

  1. In the Compute section of the management console, click the Create an Instance button.

  2. Click the InstantApps tab and select PrestaShop.

  3. Enter the basic information for your Instance:

  • The geographical region of your Instance
  • The commercial offer of your Instance
  • The name of your Instance
  • (Optional) The tag you want to assign to it . Tags let you organize your Instances, you can assign any tag to each Instance.
  1. Click Create a new Instance on the bottom of the Instance creation page which will launch your Instance.

Opening the mail ports to send an e-mail


To avoid spam, remote mail ports cannot be reached from our infrastructure by default. As PrestaShop requires to send mail, these ports need to be opened. Your account needs to be validated to perform this operation. To get your account reviewed, please contact our assistance.

  1. In the Compute section of the management console, click the Security Groups tab.

  2. Click next to your Instances security group, then on More info.

  3. Activate the checkbox Enable SMTP to unblock the SMTP ports for Instances in this security group.

    The new security group configuration will be applied automatically on Virtual Cloud Instances.

Configuring PrestaShop

When your Instance is running, the Instance’s IP address is available in the Instance list on the control panel.

Connect to it, by using SSH, to recover the database password for your PrestaShop. Once you are connected to your Instance, the following message appear on your screen:

Save your password, as you will need it in the next step.


The installation of PrestaShop may take a few minutes. If no password is shown, disconnect from the instance and reconnect to it a few minutes later.

  1. To access your PrestaShop, go to http://YOUR_SERVERS_IP/ (for example:

  2. Enter this address in your browser. The PrestaShop Installation Assistant is displayed:

  3. Fill the information about your shop as requested by the form and submit it. You will then be asked to provide the database information for your shop:

  4. Enter the password and validate the form.

PrestaShop is now installed automatically on your Cloud Server.

Once the installation is finished, you can remove the installation directory, by typing sudo rm -r /var/www/html/install/ in your SSH client.

You can see your online shop now at http://YOUR_SERVERS_IP/ (for example:

An admin interface is available at http://YOUR_SERVERS_IP/admin (for example:

You can edit the details of your shop, add products and check the performance statistics from this interface.

More information about the admin interface of PrestaShop are available in the offical documentation.