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In 2020, 2 minutes are enough to create as many images as there were, altogether 150 years ago. And more than ever, we like to play with: filters, aging, rejuvenation or inlay of faces on the latest trending clip … The success of these applications is no longer to be proven.

Because yes, improving the quality of our old photos becomes child’s play with artificial intelligence. From colorization of images to noise removal to magnification: it’s all there. In this webinar, we invite you to focus on a photo enhancement technique, to transform old snaps from your roaring years into a high quality, trendy image # 2000revival


✨ Éditeurs d’applications mobiles : augmentez la résolution des photos de vos clients ✨



  • How to offer a “pixel enhancement” AI service worthy of Experts Las Vegas, with less crime scene


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