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How to read my invoice?

A typical Scaleway Elements invoice looks like the following example:

  1. The invoice number. This is a unique reference number for your invoice
  2. The status of the invoice showing the billing period, the invoices issuing and due dates.
  3. The seller (Scaleway SAS) contact information and our VAT number.
  4. The customer information, your postal address, e-mail address, organization ID and in case of a business account your EU VAT number.
  5. The consumption table. This table contains the following information about your resources:
    • The services and operations consumed (i.e. compute instances, object storage, Bare Metal servers etc.)
    • The consumption period of services and operations considered for the calculation of your total usage
    • The total usage of a service or resource
    • The calculated total price of a service or a resource, based on the consumption during the accounting period
  6. The total amount of the invoice. This amount is calculated from the untaxed total of your invoice. For customers within the EU, the local VAT-rate is applied to the untaxed total, leading to the total due amount of the invoice.



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