Free & Fully Managed Kubernetes Service

Automatic deployment and scaling of your containers in the cloud with Scaleway’s free and fully managed Kubernetes control plane.

Deploy your cluster in a few clicks

Build an operational and production-ready Kubernetes environment in less than a minute.

Start & scale quickly

Start creating your cluster of nodes, create your platform and scale up to 500 nodes in one click. Seconds later, your containers will be ready to deploy.

Fully managed

We manage all Kubernetes components, allowing your platform to run smoothly. We synchronize Instances, GPU, Block Storage, and Load Balancers to be driven by K8s controllers.

Simplify deployment

Develop and deploy a wide variety of containerized applications with managed Kubernetes, offering portability, availability, and stability to match all your teams’ needs.

Enjoy a free control plane and an inexpensive bandwidth

Our control plane is free – pay only for the resources allocated to your cluster.

Billing-by-the hour is simple and transparent.

Fast & reliable performance

Fully managed control plane

All the components are fully managed, from the cloud controller manager to the auto-scaler.


Each node pool in a cluster can automatically scale up or down, adapting the number of nodes in your cluster to your workload.


Health checks run automatically to ensure your nodes are functioning well. If a node does not respond for more than 15 minutes, K8s Kapsule will restart your node, or replace it if the issue persists.

CNCF certified

100% standard Kubernetes certified. Kubernetes Kapsule respects the CNCF standards to bring security, stability, and robustness.

High availability & portability

Each cluster control plane and its components are duplicated to ensure that a cluster is available at any time. Containerized apps deployed with Scaleway can operate anywhere Kubernetes is supported, making it easy to deploy across environments and Clouds.

Last Kubernetes update version available

Kubernetes Kapsule supports at least the latest version of the last 3 major Kubernetes releases. We also provide a maintenance scheduler to automatically set up Kubernetes version upgrades.

Get started easily

Available resources for your Kubernetes cluster

Our cloud products are designed & built to work together, offering you a seamless, world-class cloud experience. Our product ranges include GPU Instances, Elastic Metal, Kubernetes Control Plane, Block Storage, Managed Database, Object Storage, IoT Hub and much more.

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