The NVIDIA H100 PCIe Tensor Core GPU is joining Scaleway

Next-generation GPU main characteristics

80GB of VRAM (HBM2e)

The largest amount of fast GPU memory for your biggest Deep Learning models and datasets

Tensor Core 4th generation

6x faster than A100 Tensor Core.

30x faster

Transformer Engine for 30x faster AI inference speedup on language models compared to the prior generation A100.

7x secure tenants

2nd generation Multi-Instance GPU for up to 7x secure tenants.

Receive a first-hand access to the Nvidia® H100 PCIe GPU offers

The best engine for AI Startups

  • Speeding up training, iteration and go to production
    • Accelerate your inference workloads thanks to new data formats like Int4.
    • Fine-tune Transformers Models and train larger models faster thanks to the Tensor Cores 4th generation coupled with the new data format FP8.
    • Optimize your workloads by maximizing GPU utilization thanks to MIG (multi-instance GPU) partitioning.
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