Scalable and reliable Object Storage

Production-grade object storage that’s S3 compatible with 75GB free every month.

Flexible and resilient cloud storage for companies of all sizes

Designed for Multicloud

Natively interoperable with your favorite solutions, migrate your data easily to & from multiple cloud providers with Apache NiFi, Rclone, or whatever you use.

European sovereign data

Available in our Paris, Amsterdam & Warsaw regions, keep your European customers data in Europe with high availability.

Predictable pricing

On top of 75GB free storage every month, we keep pricing simple so you don’t have to worry about getting charged per API or console request.

Outstanding features & performance

Interoperable with your favorite solutions thanks to S3 protocol

Object Storage is natively interoperable with most solutions on the market by being 100% compatible with the S3 protocol. You can easily manage your data with solutions such as Cyberduck on macOS, S3cmd in command line, Rclone to synchronize files, Duplicity for your Dedibox backups, or Nextcloud for your personal backups.

Ultra-secure data

We use a strong erasure coding 6+3 to protect your data stored with Object Storage. This mechanism prevents any impact to your data in the event of an incident. Object Storage benefits from features such as access control lists (ACL), or private mode restriction of your buckets and objects. Your data archived through C14 Cold Storage Glacier class is stored in an ultra-secure databunker located 25 meters under Paris.

75GB free every month

Get 75GB free storage and external outgoing transfer on both Object Storage and C14 Cold Storage every month. For Object Storage’s Standard Class, the price charged after 75GB is €0.01/GB per month per volume stored, and €0.01/GB per volume transferred. In addition, transfer to and from other Scaleway products in the same region is completely free.

Full lifecycle management

Object Storage supports most for S3 lifecycle management features. Set up transition rules for your objects, to archive them from the Object Storage’s Standard class to C14 Cold Storage’s Glacier class when you no longer need to frequently access them. Define expiration rules to schedule to delete your objects at a given time after their upload.

Archive to Glacier free of charge

To archive your data, pay only €0.002/GB per month for the volume stored. Data transfer from Object Storage’s Standard class to the C14 Cold Storage Glacier class is completely free of charge. Recovering data is also free.

Unlimited volume

You are not limited by the size of your files with Object Storage. Multipart upload allows you to upload an object into chunks. Your large files are uploaded in a limit of 1000 chunks per upload and 5TB per object.


Simple and predictable billing

Two interoperable and S3-compatible storage classes to meet your distribution and archiving needs: the Object Storage's Standard class and the C14 Cold Storage's Glacier class. Every month, you get 75 GB free of charge stored volume and inter-regional outgoing transfer.

Type of consumptionPrice

Data storage

75 GB free every month

then €0.0000134/GB/hour - about €0.01/GB/month

Incoming data transfer


Intra-regional* outgoing data transfer

to other products from the same region


Inter-regional* and external outgoing data transfer

to other products from a different region and the Internet

75 GB free every month

then €0.01/GB

Fee per request


Archiving objects

Object Storage (Standard) → C14 Cold Storage (Glacier)


Prices before tax
*Inter-regional: AMS ↔ PAR or AMS ↔ WAW or PAR ↔ WAW/ Intra-regional: PAR ↔ PAR or AMS ↔ AMS or WAW ↔ WAW.

Important notice:
• Chia farming on Scaleway Object Storage that occurs without prior authorization will be billed at €0.08 per GB. Read our blogpost to learn more.
• Each Scaleway Organization can use up to 250TB of Object Storage resources. If you wish to increase your Object Storage quota, contact the Support.

Innovative brands use Scaleway

«We really experience the compelling benefits of Scaleway Cloud: the short delivery times of the services, their reliability and their ease of use. The technical team was also of a great support in setting up our solution on the Object Storage platform.»

– Uğur Çakır, co-founder of SendGB

Quickstart tutorial

Popular use cases

File storage & distribution

Store very large amounts of unstructured data with only a unique ID. Access static content & customizable metadata – photos, videos, text files, HTML and CSS web pages – quickly using a standard HTTP API. Share files easily with a public URL.

Logs & backups

Our advanced parity mechanisms ensure high availability of your data, which is stored as objects, on several disks of different machines for easy file recovery. Logs and backups can safely be store with defined lifecycle rules for your files in order to archive them into the Glacier class or delete them after a given time.

Big data

Analyze terabytes of data, train complex models, or optimize your streaming platforms in a scalable and cost-effective way.

Object Storage-compatible reference solutions recommended by Scaleway

Veeam offers software solutions for backup, copy, and disaster recovery plans. The Veeam platform is one of the industry’s leading solutions for data protection.Veeam offers software solutions for backup, copy, and disaster recovery plans. The Veeam platform is one of the industry’s leading solutions for data protection.

Since 1992, Atempo has been developing its expertise in data backup, restoration and archiving. The quality of its solutions allows Atempo to be awarded the label “Military-grade”.