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Scaleway invests in the next generation of multi-cloud native developers via two initiatives - the Academia Program and the Cloud Builder Launchpad

October 21, 2021

Paris, October 21, 2021 – Backed by its long-standing commitment to 42, and to the teaching staff of the French National Education system, Scaleway, the multi-cloud service provider for developers and teams, continues to support educational institutions and students to meet the high demand for cloud computing skills by officially launching the Academia Program and inaugurating the Cloud Builder Launchpad, its internal academy for recent graduates or self-taught engineers.

The Academia Program – building the next generation of developers to meet the high demand for cloud computing skills 

The rapid rise of cloud computing is transforming how organisations create business value, and generating a growing number of new high-quality jobs around the world. The technical knowledge and hands-on skills in live cloud environments that students develop through Scaleway’s program will position them well for their careers. The program focuses on three main areas: donating cloud resources; co-creating classes run by its tech and cloud devOps experts; and working with institutions to bridge the gap between students and the professional world.

Scaleway’s Academia Program and partner universities will prepare students to pursue careers in one of the fastest-growing technology sectors, preparing these future decision-makers with topics focusing on digital sovereignty, security, ecology, energy efficiency of data centers, and other current topics.  The program sets out a range of ambitious objectives to create lasting relationships, and also to support research and development in order to encourage innovation in the sector.

“Building strong relationships with partner companies is essential for us because it allows our students to benefit from and build their skills with genuine technical and technological expertise. Scaleway’s Academia Program, which allows students from 42 to gain additional knowledge in the field of cloud computing, is a perfect example of such a partnership.Teachers from 42 and Scaleway have devised the topics of the projects in coursesco-built together, and a number of joint events will take place throughout the year. We have also put together a series of special recruitment initiatives for students to join Scaleway’s teams. The Academia Program is far more than a simple partnership, it is the foundation of a lasting relationship between schools and businesses,” explains Sophie Viger, Managing Director, 42.

Scaleway will be rolling out its Academia Program in Europe at the end of this year. A number of cloud advocates from the program will travel to Poland, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands to meet staff and students from educational institutions, and to organize workshops.

  • 29/10/2021 – Madrid, Spain 
  • 08/12/2021 – Frankfurt, Germany




The Cloud Builder Launchpad, a unique opportunity for new graduates and self-taught engineers  to join the multi-cloud service provider 

Scaleway is committed to supporting students and their training by setting up an internal academy, the Cloud Builder Launchpad. The concept is simple – the company will offer juniors, recently graduated in France or abroad, a permanent contract so that they can continue their training directly in the company. This training course will last for four months, and trainees will learn agile methods, advanced cloud computing skills, how to use the Scaleway ecosystem, and get the opportunity to join the cloud provider as DevOps engineers.

This internal academy not only allows trainees to enter the job market in a more flexible way by providing them with additional training and real-life professional experience, but also allows Scaleway to recruit young talent that has already been trained in its products and services. Upon completion of the academy, trainees will receive a certificate attesting to their knowledge of cloud computing technology, the Scaleway ecosystem and market practices.


In addition, trainees will learn about the challenges of cloud computing. “The goal is to give them the knowledge they need to build resilient and responsible infrastructures. Schools train future cloud services users. At Scaleway, we are the ones building these services, and that requires highly advanced technical knowledge and skills. To help bridge the gap, this internal academy was designed to resemble a physical training program, with a well established framework, a growth-friendly environment and skills evolving in line with market needs. After four months, trainees can join our teams feeling confident in their skills, and having already been immersed in our company culture, and technical and interpersonal best practices.” explains Clément Rochas, Agile delivery lead.


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About Scaleway

Scaleway, leading multi-cloud service provider for developers and teams is catering to the global market with the essential mix of cloud computing resources that is flexible, cost effective, reliable, secure and sustainably powered. Scaleway is one of the few European providers  to have full ownership over its stack, with no dependence on three levels: data center design and operation, hardware and software infrastructure, IaaS and PaaS.. Scaleway has a daring approach that challenges the status quo, its ecosystem is designed to leverage market standards to make things simpler: S3 compatibility, a rolling up-to-date Kubernetes and Terraform support. Scaleway is constantly growing around the world, and currently serves hundreds of thousands of clients in over 160 countries. Scaleway’s services are deployed via six data centers located in three regions: Paris (France), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Warsaw (Poland).

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