Private Cloud

Private enterprise infrastructure

The Private Cloud is based on dedicated infrastructures to isolate resources and services. As with other types of Cloud environments, a Private Cloud uses virtualization technology to bring together shared IT resources and automatically provision them according to business needs. As a result, an organization can scale up and down and optimize the use of its resources.

Build your private cloud infrastructure with dedicated servers

High-end dedicated servers
Our large range of dedicated servers are available in several data centers across France and the Netherlands. Dedibox dedicated servers are brand name servers and offer you the best quality reliable, robust and proven servers.
Monthly pricing
Dedicated servers are available on a monthly rental basis without any minimum commitment. It is possible to test and switch server models according to the needs of your projects. Our prices are among the most competitive in Europe, and our service level is unbeatable.
Business services
Servers are connected to the internet through a mesh network of up to 25Gbps per server. Our dedicated servers come with many other services: Business Support Level, Private Network, 1-Click Operating System, SAN Storage, Backup, DDOS Protection and Hardware Customization.

Host your private cloud infrastructure with our colocation service

Highly available
Our mission is to provide stable, scalable and highly available solutions for businesses, focusing on excellent service quality. This is reflected by an organization that accompanies you at every stage of your data center hosting project.
Companies choose us because of our unique positioning, which combines key advantages developed by the main players in the market. Our secure data centers allow you to host your hardware in the best conditions for your private cloud.
Scaleway is fully committed to being an environmentally responsible company. To this end, we assess our impact, set ambitious objectives and communicate transparently on the results.

Rely on the public cloud for an hybrid cloud

European Public Cloud
Scaleway's public cloud is available in 4 zones located in France (fr-par-1, fr-par-2), the Netherlands (nl-ams-1) and Poland (pl-waw-1). With more than 20 years of experience, Scaleway benefits from a growing international reputation and has customers in more than 160 countries.
Performance/Price ratio
Our performance/price ratio is extremely among the most competitive on the market. Our cloud ecosystem is complete, with more than 40 products available per hour.
Innovation and managed services
Innovation is present at all levels through innovative data centers, but also through products such as the Apple silicon as-a-Service, Bare Metal servers or our Kubernetes service. All the products in our public cloud are managed with an associated service commitment to meet the expectations of business projects.

Build your private cloud with Scaleway

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the private cloud?

The Private Cloud is based on the isolation of resources and services. The associated infrastructures are dedicated to your private cloud.  There are 2 types of Private Cloud: Internal and External.

An Internal Private Cloud means that a company invests in its own infrastructure (On-Premise), often via colocation (Scaleway Datacenter), and makes it available to its users and business services on a self-service basis.

An External Private Cloud is based on an infrastructure hosted outside the enterprise by a service provider (Scaleway Dedibox).

What is On-Premise hosting?

On-Premise hosting is the use of hardware (servers, networks, storage) purchased by the customer and hosted in its own datacenter or collocated in a data center to allow for controlled and isolated management of all layers of low-level infrastructure. Hardware equipment must be purchased, as opposed to monthly server rentals. This purchase can be amortized or leased for financial reasons.

What are the advantages of On-Premise hosting?

On-Premise hosting allows for all security aspects to be managed directly.

When using a Public Cloud, customers needs to know about certification, the physical location of data hosting infrastructure, datacenter auditing, team meetings, etc. The choice between the two options will be made on a relationship of trust, and on the resources pu in placed by the service provider. Scaleway has teams of experts at your disposal to provide you with transparent information.

Is the private cloud compatible with the hybrid cloud?

Yes, the hybrid cloud allows you to use the advantages of different types of cloud (Public and Private) according to the constraints of your projects.
As a reminder, Scaleway offers all the essential building blocks for your infrastructure:

Is Scaleway certified?

Scaleway is certified ISO 27001,  Tier III, HDS and ISO 50001 for all its data centers in France. The certification applies by product type. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on security and certification issues.

Are our data centers auditable?

Yes, we open access to our datacenters upon request to perform audits and meet our customers’ expectations. Do not hesitate to contact us on +1 (646) 712-9471 for more information about our services.

Do you have a private or hybrid cloud project?