Scaleway Elements

Our Public Cloud Ecosystem

Ecosystème Cloud Scaleway Elements

Scaleway Elements is the foundation of our cloud computing ecosystem. It represents 5 product categories, which all answer to the current and future major market uses:  Compute, Storage, Network, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

These resources are reinforced thanks to the free tools and services available through the 6th Element: Steering .
Steering enables you to pilot and orchestrate all your resources. These tools have been thought through specifically for developers and devOps.
Your feedback is a very valuable asset and being close to our communities allows us to develop new features & new labels tailored to your needs. 


Thanks to its ecosystem, Scaleway Elements enables you to rely on a full range of fundamental building blocks, simple and well structured. From a startup to a global digital transformation project, we will help you save a significant amount of time.


We have designed our products, keeping the User Experience in mind at all time. We want to make sure you enjoy using our products. From the console to the APIs, from the command line interface (CLI) to DevOps tools and from documentation to tutorials: our tools are adapted to you, developers.

Focussed Innovation

Regularly introducing new technologies, such as we do with our ARM instances, is a deep part of our DNA. It will always be. We make sure to offer original features on standard bricks that simplify your journey, and truly different dedicated innovations to assist your daily work.

Cost Control

You can always keep control of your investments, thanks to our simple pricing and comprehensive packages we built for each price range.