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Bare Metal Cloud Servers

On-demand Bare Metal servers with 100 % dedicated hardware billed by the hour

Starting at


per month

or €0.24/hour

Adaptability & Flexibility

The promise of the public cloud is to get a high-end server with hourly invoicing and no time commitment.

Easy to Use & Integration

With Scaleway Console or API, deploy and install your Bare Metal Dedibox server in only several minutes.

A Large Catalog

Three server ranges to match different use cases: General Purpose, High CPU and High Memory.

General Purpose

General Purpose servers are a balance of performance between CPU, RAM and Disks for production environments.

High CPU

High CPU servers are boosted with CPU power for Big Data applications or calculation processing.

High Memory

Servers are boosted with memory for virtualization or RAM demanding applications.

Bare Metal as a Service Advantages

Powerful, Stable and Reliable

Choose the hardware configuration that matches your project. We provide offers based on Intel Xeon or AMD EPYC CPU with no hypervisor and no virtualisation layer. Your dedicated server is available in a few minutes in our very own infrastructure, designed with our 15 years of experience.

Remote Boot from an ISO & Remote Access

Use the ISO file of your choice and deploy your OS via KVM over IP. In addition, benefit from remote server access in case of an incident or rescue mode.

Operating Systems

Choose your favorite Linux distribution from our catalog with the latest version (Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS) and get your server installed in several minutes.

Connected to Your Ecosystem

Manage your server via our Scaleway Console or via API and automate the creation, installation, reboot or deletion of your services. With the included public IP address, easily connect your other Scaleway infrastructure solutions. For instance, a Load Balancer with Bare Metal servers and virtual instances.

Simple and predictable pricing








1× Intel® Xeon E3 1240v6

4C 8T - 3.7 GHz

32 GB

2×250 GB


500 Mbit/s




General Purpose

1× Intel® Xeon E3 1240v6

4C 8T - 3.7 GHz

64 GB

3×1 TB


500 Mbit/s




General Purpose

1× AMD EPYC 7281

16C 32T - 2.1 GHz

96 GB

2×1 TB


750 Mbit/s




High CPU

2× Intel® Xeon Silver 4114

20C 40T - 2.2 GHz

128 GB

2×1 TB


1 Gbit/s




High Memory

1× AMD EPYC 7401P

24C 48T - 2 GHz

256 GB

3×1 TB


1 Gbit/s




High CPU

2× Intel® Xeon Gold 5120

28C 56T - 2.2 GHz

384 GB

4×1 TB


1 Gbit/s




High Memory

2× Intel® Xeon Gold 6140

36C 72T - 2.3 GHz

768 GB

8×1 TB


1 Gbit/s



Prices before tax

Optional features

available on your Cloud Bare Metal server

Roadmap for Bare Metal as a Service

Q1 2020

• Terraform
• Ansible
• Backup

Q2 2020

• BP 10Gbps
• New Offers
• Monitoring
• Scaleway CLI (Command Line Interface)

Q3/Q4 2020

• VPC (Private Network)
• Windows Server 2016/2019
• Fast deployment
• Custom images
• Block Storage
• Cloud Init
• Meta/User Data
• VMWare
• Placement Group

First tutorials: Start using your Bare Metal server now

Installation from the KVM

Learn how to install an own operating system from an ISO file by using the dedicated KVM over IP.

Load Testing with Vegeta

Learn how to use Vegeta, an open source application written in the Go programming language, to run load testings on an application.

Setup Kubernetes with Minikube on a Bare Metal Server

Learn how setup a Kubernetes cluster with Minikube on a Bare Metal server.