More flexibility and performance with Scaleway

We are the first Multi-Cloud Service provider. We help growing businesses to deploy and scale more flexibly, and to build more resilient infrastructure.

European, multi-cloud & open-source DNA

Based in France with builders and customers all around the world, our services are located within the European Union and protected by its regulations. This allows us to offer you a real European alternative cloud platform, shaped around strong open-source and interoperability values.

Enterprise-grade cloud platform trusted by thousands of customers

Gaël Sauvanet, CTO at Geovelo

We love Scaleway because they offer valuable resources for a very attractive price. We’ve been customers for a long time: our need evolved at the same pace as Scaleway, and it is nice to see new services appear as we need them.

Matthias Neid, CEO of Aternos

Thanks to the Scaleway’s cloud instances we were able to reduce the waiting time for our users from several hours to just a few minutes. This experience really made all the difference for us.

Ofir Krisspel, CEO at Tap Mobile

With Scaleway we’re getting access to bleeding edge hardware with a simple and predictable pricing model that allows us to go from code to production in just minutes.

Scale easily with a complete cloud ecosystem

Choose a billing model that’s easy & predicable

Elastic Billing

Whether you want to pay by the hour or the month, we’ve got infrastructure for you.

Egress included

We’re the only Cloud Provider that guarantees no crazy egress bills.

Simple invoices

We provide one easy invoice that clearly explains what you’ve used.

Choose the Cloud that makes sense

Customer data sovereignty

We know how important it is for you to host your customer data in the cloud, but we also know how important it is for your customer to know who and where their data is hosted.

Carbon neutral datacenters

We recycle our hardware, and we pay close attention to where our water & electric comes from. Also, our Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is online 24/7 for you to see for yourself.

Full regions

Every complete cloud ecosystem needs complete reliability, which is why we provide 3 Availiability Zones in every one of the regions we are present in today.

Built by developers for developers

An easy-to-use console

Whether it’s your first time building on the cloud or you’re a cloud native, you’ll find our console intuitive & robust. The fact that it’s beautiful is just a bonus.

A complete toolkit

We spend more time than we’d care to admit maintaining our APIs, SDKs, CLI & Terraform plugin, but it’s all worth it to make your cloud experience the best it can be.

A robust community of support

Connect with thousands of developers from all over the world to get answers and share learnings. We invest heavily in open source communities like the CNCF.

The best Cloud support

For those mission-critical, time-sensitive problems, nothing beats our 24/7 live chat support with an average response time of less than 20 minutes.

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