Powerful & cost-effective dedicated instances for your business

Enable faster application performance with powerful Enterprise Instances, at exceptional performance/price ratio.

European Cloud Provider leveraging brand new and dedicated AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series processors

Scaleway’s Enterprise Instances are designed to let you make the most out of the world’s highest performing server processor, the AMD EPYCTM 7003 Series. With guaranteed and dedicated resources, we are limiting any “noisy neighbors” effects, so your workloads can benefit from high and stable performance.

3 reasons to choose Enterprise Instances

Dedicated resources for your workload

World’s best AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series Processors will be delivered with dedicated resources:
1vCPU is implemented as a single CPU-thread, offering you powerful, consistent performances.

Add as little or as much storage as you need

Boot-on-block gives you exceptional flexibility, performance, and control features: 3x redundancy, larger root device, quick instance boot time, preservation of your volume content when instances are stopped, and much more.

Benefit from enhanced security and network

Enterprise Instances leverage key AMD Infinity Guard² features, including Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV). Your instances will also benefit from enhanced bandwidth.

Exceptional profitability

Compared to industry equivalent, Scaleway’s Enterprise instances offers better performances for a fraction of the cost. We may even double your performance/price ratio if you choose a seamless European cloud ecosystem instead of AWS’s M5a.

Simple deployment

Simple, predictable & by-the-hour pricing

Billing is based on consumption, billed by the hour & starts at only €0.01/hour. Trying our seamless ecosystem is a no-brainer.

Quick & simple

Launch our instances in minutes, and try our ready-to-deploy OS and images.

Amazingly scalable

Automate your infra with Terraform and leverage our vast range of Development Instances. You can even rocketboost Enterprise instances with our free Kubernetes control plane: Scaleway Kapsule.

Top use cases for Enterprise Instances

High traffic applications

Our virtual machines have been designed to host your critical production environments such as high traffic applications with a service level agreement (SLA) of 99.99 %. You can deploy servers in seconds directly using the console or the command-line interface (CLI), create fleets of cloud instances with Terraform and distribute your traffic with Load Balancer.

High performance computing

With high-end AMD EPYC vCPUs, Enterprise instances are ready to host your High Performance Computing (HPC) workloads. You can use them for batch processing, parallel computing or data manipulation, whether it is one-time or recurring.  You can scale up or down in a minute according to your needs.

AI and scientific research

AMD EPYC™ Processors are built to handle large scientific and engineering datasets with top performance – ideal for compute-intensive models and analysis techniques. Used by some of the world’s fastest, most scalable data centers and supercomputers, AMD EPYC™ processors helps deliver more innovation and faster results.

Why Scaleway?

The most complete cloud ecosystem in Europe

From Bare Metal IaaS to serverless PaaS and everything in between, start building and running your applications on our Compute, Storage, Network solutions & more.

Multi-cloud philosophy

Our products are compatible with market standards so that you can enjoy the freedom of no lock-in.

Excellent performance/price ratio

Our wide range of services are designed to sustain your growth cost-effectively, at all stages of development.

European DNA with a worldwide reach

We are a European Cloud trusted by thousands of customers in over 160 countries. All our services are located within the European Union and protected by its regulations.

Our customers

Talk to our experts to build your infrastructure with Enterprise Instances

Legal terms of promotional offer

This promotional offer allows any new client to benefit from 100€ exc. VAT service credits. In order to be contacted by Scaleway staff and benefit from these credits, the client must first fill in the contact form provided by Scaleway. The credits must then be activated inside the client’s console. The credits can be activated only once. Once activated, the credits are valid and usable for a period of 30 days. Any use of the credits is subject to the client’s prior acceptation of Scaleway terms and conditions. The credits can only be used in the context of Scaleway ELEMENTS services. Service usage in the context of those credits shall however not be subject to any SLA. In the event that the client has used all of the credits granted to him, any additional use of services shall be invoiced at the public prices appearing on Scaleway website under the terms laid down in the Scaleway terms and conditions. The client shall have a valid payment method activated inside his console. If at the end of the period of validity of the credits the client has not used all or part of the credits for any reason whatsoever, the client shall lose the benefit of the unused amount, which may not be rolled over or reimbursed in cash.