Easily manage your Kubernetes clusters

Launch Kubernetes in seconds. With a free and fully managed control plane, Kubernetes Kapsule offers easy deployment, simplified management and scaling of your containerized applications.


Seamless developer experience with fully managed Kubernetes

As one of the best managed Kubernetes on the market, Kubernetes Kapsule offers a seamless user experience and is fully integrated into Scaleway’s cloud ecosystem, including a wide range of instances for all workloads.

Quick scaling

Start creating your cluster of nodes, create your platform and scale up to 500 nodes in one click. Containers will be ready to deploy in seconds.

Fully Managed

Scaleway manages all K8s components, allowing your platform to run smoothly. We synchronize Instances, GPU Instances, Block Storage and Load Balancers to be driven by Kubernetes controllers.

Simplified deployment

Develop and deploy a wide variety of containerized applications with managed Kubernetes, offering portability, availability and stability to match all your teams’ needs.

High availability

Each cluster control plane and its components are duplicated to ensure that a cluster is available at any time.

Transparent pricing

Our control plane is free, you will only pay for the resources allocated to your cluster. Our billing model is fully transparent.


Containerized apps deployed with Scaleway Kubernetes Kapsule can operate anywhere Kubernetes is supported, making it easy to deploy across environments and Clouds.

Ready to get started? Get €100 free credit valid for 30 days.

Everything you need to successfully launch your Kubernetes environment

Fully managed control plane

All the components are fully managed, from the cloud controller manager to the auto-scaler.


Each node pool in a cluster can automatically scale up or down, adapting the number of nodes in your cluster to your workload.

Auto healing

Health checks run automatically to ensure your nodes are functioning well. If a node does not respond for more than 15 minutes, K8s Kapsule will restart your node, or replace it if the issue persists.

Ingress controller choice

You can deploy a pre-configured ingress controller automatically when you create your cluster. We support native Nginx or Traefik.

Kubernetes dashboard

We provide a web interface to monitor your cluster activity, K8s resources, and error checks.

CNCF Certified

100% standard Kubernetes certified. Kubernetes Kapsule respects the CNCF standards to bring security, stability, and robustness.


Easily manage your Kubernetes with our developer API, or CLI, and even Terraform. All Kubernetes clusters are fully compatible with Scaleway existing tools & workflows.

24/7 ticket support

Our technical assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer all your questions and to assist you.

What can you do with Kubernetes Kapsule?

Build resilient application

Replication and scaling are the major needs of hyper-growing IT solutions. Kubernetes Kapsule offers a stable, reliable K8s environment in which redundancy and auto-scaling are easy to implement.

Provision complex architecture

From Scaleway’s DEV1 instances to GPUs, Kubernetes Kapsule can manage any association of workload as well as avoid any drop in performance by adding as many nodes as necessary to your clusters.

Ease your deployments

Deploy your applications in one click with the Easy Deploy feature (coupled with container registry), manually write your YAML manifests, integrate your Kubernetes Kapsule cluster into your CI/CD pipeline, or manage your cluster through Terraform… it’s your choice to make.

Innovative organizations use Kubernetes Kapsule

“Using Scaleway Kubernetes Kapsule allows us to deploy on-demand services and easily manage our traffic peaks.”

Gaël Sauvanet – CTO at GéoVélo

Why Scaleway?

The most complete cloud ecosystem in Europe

From Bare Metal IaaS to serverless PaaS and everything in between, start building and running your applications on our Compute, Storage, Network solutions & more.

Multi-cloud philosophy

Our products are compatible with market standards so that you can enjoy the freedom of no lock-in.

Excellent performance/price ratio

Our wide range of services are designed to sustain your growth cost-effectively, at all stages of development.

European DNA with a worldwide reach

We are a European Cloud trusted by thousands of customers in over 160 countries. All our services are located within the European Union and protected by its regulations.

Ready to get started? Get €100 free credit valid for 30 days.

Legal terms of promotional offer

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