Ultra-secure, Flexible & Cost-Effective

Designed for a multicloud experience

Our Object Storage is 100% compatible with the S3 protocol and therefore natively interoperable with your favorite solutions. In the multicloud age, adopting a market standard is the key to accelerating your developments. It’s easy to migrate your data from multiple cloud providers into our Object Storage, with Apache NiFi (graphical user interface) or Rclone (command line) solutions.

European cloud for your sensitive data

We are proud to be one of the leading players in the European cloud market. All our services are located within the European Union (in the Paris region, Amsterdam and Warsaw), and therefore protected by its laws. Your data archived through the C14 Cold Storage Glacier class is stored in a highly secure databunker located 25 meters under Paris.

Best performance/price ratio

On top of simple and predictable billing, our Object Storage has been designed to provide you with a solution for your most demanding production infrastructures, while remaining ultra-accessible.

Simplicity and ease of use

Our products and solutions are designed to make life easier for developers. Whether through API or our Drag and Drop interface, you will surely find the easiest way to manage your buckets and objects. All our services include advanced options while remaining extremely simple to use.

Outstanding Features & Performance

Interoperable with your favorite solutions thanks to S3 protocol

Object Storage is natively interoperable with most solutions on the market by being 100% compatible with the S3 protocol. Our Object Storage supports two storage classes: Standard class with Object Storage and the Glacier class with C14 Cold Storage to archive your data. You can easily manage your data with solutions such as Cyberduck on macOS, S3cmd in command line, Rclone to synchronize files, Duplicity for your Dedibox backups, or Nextcloud for your personal backups.

Ultra-secure data

We use a strong erasure coding 6+3 to protect your data stored with Object Storage. Each object is split into six data fragments and adds three parity fragments to ensure the integrity of your objects. This mechanism prevents any impact to your data in the event of an incident when writing, storing or restoring your objects. In addition, Object Storage benefits from features such as access control lists (ACL), or private mode restriction of your buckets and objects, so you can keep control of your assets. In addition, your data archived through C14 Cold Storage Glacier class is stored in an ultra-secure databunker located 25 meters under Paris.

75GB free every month

You get 75GB free storage and external outgoing transfer on both Object Storage and C14 Cold Storage every month! For Object Storage’s Standard Class, the price charged after 75GB is €0.01/GB per month per volume stored, and €0.01/GB per volume transferred. In addition, transfer to and from other Scaleway products in the same region is completely free! You also don’t have any fees per API or console request. Your invoice is clear and predictable.

Full lifecycle management

Object Storage supports most for S3 lifecycle management features. Lifecycle allows you to setup transition rules for your objects, to archive them from the Object Storage’s Standard class to C14 Cold Storage’s Glacier class when you no longer need to frequently access them. It also allows you to define expiration rules, so you can schedule to delete your objects at a given time after their upload.

Archive to Glacier free of charge

When you decide to archive your data , you only pay €0.002/GB per month for the volume stored. Indeed, the data transfer from Object Storage’s Standard class to the C14 Cold Storage Glacier class is completely free of charge. Similar to archiving, recovering data from C14 Cold Storage’s Glacier class to Object Storage’s Standard class is free of charge.

Unlimited volume

You are not limited by the size of your files with Object Storage! You can upload your largest files with the S3 Multipart upload feature. Multipart upload allows you to upload an object into chunks. So if one chunk fails to upload because of a network interruption, you can re-upload it without affecting the other ones already uploaded, saving you time. With Object Storage, your large files are thus uploaded in a limit of 1000 chunks per upload and 5TB per object.

User-friendly interface

You can choose to manage your objects by API request or directly via the Scaleway Console. Our teams have designed a user-friendly interface with a Drag & Drop system, so you can easily manage your buckets in a few clicks! Through the Scaleway Console, you can choose to configure your objects and buckets in public or private mode, get an HTTPS link for your public files, add metadata or tags to them, rename them, or archive them to the Glacier class.

24/7 Support tickets

We ensure your services are always up and running. Our technical assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all your questions and to assist you. Simply open a new ticket in case of a problem. You can also reach our support directly by phone or to get faster responses if you upgrade your support plan.

Popular Use Cases

File storage & distribution

Object Storage was designed to store very large amounts of unstructured data, i.e. data accessible with a unique ID and not through a complex structure with hierarchical folders. This structure allows you to access easily and very quickly all your static content such as photos, videos, text files, HTML and CSS web pages, etc. Access to your objects and their customizable metadata is performed using a standard HTTP API, meaning you can choose to access and share your files easily with a public URL!

Logs & backups

The security of your data and the protection of your business are our major concern. Besides our demanding intervention processes, we use the most advanced parity mechanisms on the market to ensure the high availability of your data. Indeed, we store and distribute your data, stored as objects, on several disks of different machines. If any part of a file is damaged or missing, we can recover it very easily from a healthy part of the cluster. You can thus safely store all your logs and backups. In addition, you can define lifecycle rules for your files in order to archive them into the Glacier class or delete them after a given time.

Big data

Simplify your big data projects with unlimited storage capacity. Our Object Storage solution allows you to analyze very large amounts of data, train your most complex calculation models, or even optimize your streaming platforms, thanks to a scalable and cost-effective storage. Object Storage is particularly compatible with our IoT Hub solution! Thanks to the IoT Routes providing a gateway between cloud services and your IoT Hub, you can use Object Storage to store your largest messages in an S3-compatible object storage bucket.

Innovative Brands Use Scaleway

SendGB tells us about their experience with Scaleway

«We really experience the compelling benefits of Scaleway Cloud: the short delivery times of the services, their reliability and their ease of use. The technical team was also of a great support in setting up our solution on the Object Storage platform.»

– Uğur Çakır, co-founder of SendGB

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