ARM Instances

High-performance ARMv8 cloud servers for any workload.

Starting at


per month

or €0.006/hour

Cores & Memory

Powered by up to 64 Cavium ThunderX 64-bit vCPUs and DDR4 ECC RAM.

Local Storage

Backed by up to 1 TB of replicated local SSD.

Transfer & Connectivity

Supplied with unmetered transfer and up to 1 Gbit/s bandwidth.

Use Cases for ARM Instances

Mobile Software Development

ARM Instances are equipped with the same CPU architecture as most mobile devices. You can use them to emulate environments and to test and build your smartphone applications, whether they are designed for Android or iOS.

Lightweight Web Server

ARM Instances are well-designed for lightweight web servers. Apache, NGINX or Lighttpd can be easily setup at first start to host static websites or content management systems (CMS). You can then scale your infrastructure by creating a load balancer and new instances to support peak loads and as your traffic grows.

Continuous Integration & Delivery

ARM Instances are perfectly fitted for continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment (CI/CD). You can setup you own workflow to automate, test and deploy your projects with GitLab, Jenkins or any other Unix-compatible software. Create a first worker then scale your infrastructure by creating clones in a flash.

Simple & Predictable Pricing

ARM Instances

ARM Instances are billed by the hour with a monthly capping. They include a server, a volume and an IPv4 to let you develop, host and grow your projects.








4 vCPUs


2 GB

50 GB

200 Mbit/s




6 vCPUs


4 GB

100 GB

200 Mbit/s




8 vCPUs


8 GB

200 GB

200 Mbit/s




16 vCPUs


16 GB

400 GB

500 Mbit/s




32 vCPUs


32 GB

600 GB

500 Mbit/s




48 vCPUs


64 GB

800 GB

1 Gbit/s




64 vCPUs


128 GB

1 TB

1 Gbit/s



Powerful Tools at Your Disposal

Customize First Boot

First boot of your ARM Instances can be customized using the cloud-init standard. It allows to create clones and scale your infrastructure easily.

Backup & Restore

You can backup and restore your ARM Instances at any time, directly from the console. This lets you revert your servers if needed or create replicas at a glance.

Stateful Firewall

With security groups, you can define network rules and policies. It allows you to choose who can access to your server and which which ports can be open to the world.