Scaleway Command Line Interface

Scaleway CLI Overview

Scaleway CLI (Command Line Interface) helps you manage your Scaleway cloud environment. The command line interface is an essential tool to operate in a cloud environment as it allows you to administer, execute and monitor your resources faster. Scaleway CLI is easy to use and offers many commands to interact with infrastructure such as login, creating servers, attaching volumes, moving IP addresses, fetching the logs and many others.

Learn more about the Scaleway Command Line interface on our GitHub repository


Downloading the Scaleway CLI

You can download static-compiled release binaries for the following platforms and architectures:

Mac OS Xx86_64
Windowsi386, x86_64
Linuxi386, x86_64

Download the latest static-compiled version for your environment and execute the application to manage your Scaleway services from the CLI.

Usage instructions for the Scaleway CLI are available directly in the “Getting Started” documentation on GitHub.

Some basic usage examples are available on our GitHub repository.

Manually Building the Scaleway CLI

If you do not want to use one of the static-compiled release binaries, you can download the source code from GitHub and follow the build instructions to compile your own binary file.

The Scaleway CLI is written in Go. If you do not have it installed on your computer yet, you can retrieve any version >= 1.13 from the official Golang Website.

Scaleway GO SDK

Scaleway GO SDK is an SDK to interact with the Scaleway API in Go. More information is availale in the GoDoc.

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