IPFS Naming service API


The Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is a modular suite of open data storage and exchange protocols. Anyone can participate in this peer-to-peer network. By mid-2022, over 300,000 nodes were part of the network. Content stored on IPFS nodes is powered by a content-addressing design, making it location-independent, verifiable and immutable. This design makes IPFS a good choice for versioning, archiving, NFT or storing and distributing large quantities of content.

The Scaleway naming service allows you to keep your records always available on the public IPFS network to point to your content, whether it is a static website or a shared disk, for example. Our naming service is available in all our regions to increase the accessibility of your recordings.


Refer to our dedicated concepts page to find definitions of all IPFS-related terminologies.


Refer to our dedicated IPFS Naming Quickstart page to begin using the service.

You can find also detailed explanations on how to create key.

Technical information

The Scaleway IPFS naming service provides features such as:

  • Creating your keys on our service
  • Manage your records

0% SLA

We strive to provide you with the best possible experience on our IPFS naming. However, this is an experimental service. This is why we are not able to contractually commit to a level of service, hence an SLA of 0%. The guarantees of these "Labs" offers are detailed in our special conditions for BETA services.


Scaleway's infrastructure is spread across different regions and Availability Zones.

Scaleway IPFS naming service is available in the Paris, Amsterdam and Warsaw regions, which are represented by the following path parameters:

  • fr-par
  • nl-ams
  • pl-waw.


A name is a hash of the public key within the IPNS (InterPlanetary Name System) This is the PKI namespace, where the private key is used to publish (sign) a record.

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