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Do you have experience using our products? Are you ready to put your expertise to the test? At Scaleway Learning, we are building a catalog of training and certification paths to help you learn, grow, and succeed with Scaleway. When you pass one of our exams, we reward you with a badge and a certificate to share with your professional network.

Our groundbreaking learning pathway, Scaleway Foundations, is your first chance to become Scaleway certified. For details, check out the Scaleway Foundations Exam Guide!

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Scaleway certificate holders may join our Scaleway Certified Cloud Professionals LinkedIn group.

This group serves as a directory of certified cloud professionals who have the skills and knowledge required to help you get the most out of our products and features.

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Our trusted experts have access to privileges within the Scaleway community and beyond.

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Discover all Scaleway products in detail to ensure you have all the blocks you need to build your Scaleway infrastructure.

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