Startup Program

For the youngest projects to launch in a startup-friendly environment, without worrying about the first cloud expenses. Participants will have up to €1,000 cloud credits to use over one year on our multi-cloud products.

Accelerate your startup growth with our Founders Program

Looking to jumpstart your new business venture? Look no further than our startup program! As a cloud provider, we're excited to offer young startups like yours the chance to receive sponsorship of up to 1000 euros for a full 12 months. This generous sponsorship will help your business get off the ground, with access to the latest cloud technologies and tools to keep you ahead of the game. Plus, our expert support team is always here to help you along the way. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your startup to the next level.

Apply to this Program!

Before applying to the program, please create a Scaleway account here, otherwise we will not be able to process your request.

Frequently asked questions

The Scaleway Startup Program is a time-limited cloud computing partnership program designed for startups. Effortlessly power up your business offerings thanks to our public cloud infrastructure combined with technical assistance, resources, advisory and advertising. Leverage our experts and channels to ensure a smooth take off.

Any startup is welcome to apply regardless of vertical. The Scaleway Startup Program has to mean more than just a financial boost to you. We need startups who want to change the world and need our infrastructure to do it. Our admission committee reviews applications each month, so it’s never too late to apply as it’s on a rolling admission basis.

The program end date is scheduled exactly 6 or 12 months after we invite you in, depending on your stage. For instance, if you submit your application before June 15th and get selected, then the Program runs from July 1st to January 1st or June 30th of the following year. Periodically, we will sit together and review your consumption and plan all necessary adjustments ahead of time.

Program value goes beyond mere finances, though up to 36000€ worth of cloud credit should help. Pick any item from our simple, powerful and European public cloud infrastructure product range. Our technical engineers and experts are close by to help you ensure that your architecture remains robust and flexible. Your peers and partners are also part of our startup community. We will help you move forward with a community by your side that you can rely on.

Absolutely nothing as the cloud credit is on us. As your business grows and if you like us so much that your consumption exceeds the amount of your vouchers, the difference will be on you. That’s about it. Our cost-effectiveness should prove helpful though, pretty quickly. Your investors will appreciate that. All you have to do is take that chance, succeed with us, and be willing to tell the story. Together.

Please contact us by email at and someone in our team will assist you.